• The signs of leg varicose veins are important warning signs that you need to look out for to start treatment. Find out what symptoms are an indication of the disease, see photos of varicose veins at different stages.
  • What to choose when treating varicose veins? Laser treatment or classic phlebectomy? Characteristics of varicose vein treatment methods.
  • Varicose veins are common in both men and women. The pathological symptomatology is specific, which simplifies the diagnosis. This disease requires mandatory treatment.
  • Features of the treatment of varicose veins in the legs. Learn about great and superficial vein restructuring methods on varicose veins.
  • The most important thing in the topic: what might happen with varicose veins and who doesn’t. Professional advice.
  • The main causes and symptoms, stage of development and localization of varicose veins in women. Rules and methods of treatment of diseases, preventive measures.
  • Varicose veins can be treated, especially in the early stages of the disease. You will learn how to do it right by reading this article.
  • Causes of the development of varicose veins on the lower part of the legs. Symptoms and methods of treatment of varicose veins on the legs. Methods of treatment of drugs, folk remedies and home remedies for varicose veins on the lower legs.
  • What is the stage of varicose veins, what are the symptoms and how they look in the photo - you will find all this in our article.
  • Surgical treatment of varicose veins: indications for surgery, techniques (minimally invasive and phlebectomy), recovery period after surgery.
  • What is a varicose vein, how is it manifested? The cause of varicose veins, the symptoms. Treatment of varicose veins.
  • General contraindications for varicose veins on the lower legs. What can and cannot be done with varicose veins?
  • Principles of venous system, etiology of varicose veins, causes of development in different genders, dangers for women and men, diagnosis, consequences, prevention. Methods for treating VRV: pharmacological drugs, folk remedies, alternative and radical methods.
  • Why do varicose veins in the legs occur? Symptoms and signs of the disease and its complications. Diagnostics and basic treatment methods.
  • What are varicose veins and what are varicose veins like? How to recognize a disease and what are its consequences?
  • Treatment of varicose veins using modern methods and recipes of traditional medicine. Characteristics of fighting disease at different levels.
  • Varicose veins in the legs are characterized by characteristic symptoms. There are many reasons for violations of blood flow. Prevention can improve the situation.
  • Varicose veins are a disease that affects the large ducts of the limbs and other organs. See the symptoms, diagnostics, and treatment of this disease.
  • Varicose veins of the feet, the nasty disease that brings a lot of inconvenience. What can you do to remedy the situation, and how to get rid of the veins in your legs?
  • Varicose veins in the legs – the disease with which you have to meet lots of women. What causes you to appearance and how to treat it.
  • The hills and the sites are just under the skin, soreness, and heaviness in the legs, may be the consequences of varicose veins. Symptoms, treatment, and prevention of disease.
  • Varicose veins of the pelvis serious pathology, in the fight against the you need in a timely manner. Let's look at the details of what this disease is.
  • Reticular varicose veins are a type of varicose veins in the expansion of the vessels in veins (usually in the lower limbs), it does not create a hazard or to the life or health of the patient.
  • The symptoms of varicose veins, the vein must, in order to recognize the disease.
  • Prevention varicose veins in the legs include massage, creams and gymnastics. Need to eliminate the causes of diseases venous tone, change your diet.
  • The symptoms of varicose veins need to know each and every one, time to start to treat the disease.
  • The feet of "busy" and, at night, become swollen, dark-blue sites to climb out... Here and a layman understands that the treatment is necessary to the varicose veins. What do you do? Be treated folk means or immediately start with the medication?
  • Mesh compression is the therapeutic mesh for the healing and prevention of varicose veins. From the article, you will learn about the characteristics of therapeutic clothing and the effectiveness of its application.
  • The apple cider vinegar when varicose veins — effective tool in the arsenal of folk medicine, which deals with the disease in the initial stage, but also improves the condition of the blood vessels.
  • The correct way to treat varicose veins in the legs of women? Which techniques show the highest efficiency?
  • Varicose veins – a disease characterized by varicose veins. The prevention of the disease is to maintain the tone and health of veins. That there are techniques.
  • There is a large number of popular methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs.
  • Varicose veins in the legs - a common disease, which occurs more often in women.
  • The severity and pain in the legs may indicate violation the blood circulation and be the first signs of varicose veins.
  • Varicose veins of the lower limbs is known for a long time the mankind. About 30% of the world population suffers from varicose veins in the legs.
  • Varicose veins refers to the predominantly female disease.
  • About half of the adult population knows about the varicose veins of the lower limbs first-hand.
  • Varicose veins beach our time. In clinical studies on the planet about half of the population suffers from some form of anomalies circulatory the cardiovascular system.
  • Varicose veins – a serious disease that affects strongly the quality of life.
  • A modern treatment of the varicose veins when appropriate to search for a doctor brings positive results.
  • Varicose veins (varicose veins) is one of the most common and oldest diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Today, varicose veins is a common disease.
  • Impairment of blood circulation, sometimes leads to this skin problem, such as ulcers. Trophic ulcer when варикоза are quite frequent complication of the disease. The complexity of the treatment is that, with no impact on the reason of getting a positive result is not possible.
  • The treatment for this serious disease, such as varicose veins, requires an integrated approach. In addition to application of drugs, it is recommended to use and the traditional means of popular medicine.
  • Varicose veins – one of the few studies, which implies the application in therapy of medicines. For example, it is very effective is burdock.
  • You can work out in simulators when varicose veins and what do the experts recommend? Among the representatives of conventional medicine has as defenders of this method, thus, those who are sure that it is not possible to use similar equipment when varicose veins.
  • Varicose veins – this is fairly common pathology, which greatly impairs the quality of life of the man. Is no cure for this disease is very difficult, but to facilitate his escape, it is worth to carry out special exercises.
  • The main symptom варикоза is the pain during the vein, but as hurt the feet during the disease, when she begins to develop?
  • Quite common in people when варикозном expansion of veins can be swelling in the legs. You should know how to look for the swelling when varicose veins, heart failure or kidney failure and, only then, figure out how to relieve the swelling when varicose veins.
  • Swelling of the veins is very painful the body condition. Elastic bandage when варикозном expansion of the veins use for therapeutic purposes. It helps to improve blood flow in the veins, facilitates the condition of the feet when walking and prevents the development of the disease.
  • In this article you will learn: techniques for treatment of varicose veins in legs at home (and also the healing home варикоза of the pelvic floor and the other types of the disease). Favorites effective revenue.
  • The concept of "varicose veins", usually, many associate with the extension of the surface of the veins of the lower limbs. But in the lower limbs there is an intrinsic venous network, located deep in the muscle, which is not visible to our eye.
  • Varicose veins is a very common disease, with the majority of the patients are women. With the disease in the later stages with success deals with medical therapy, and in extreme cases to the treatment is assigned to the operation.
  • Varicose veins beach, which often hits the legs of the modern man. As a result of the dead in the veins dilate, bend over and appear sites. The speed of blood flow decreases, appear the conditions for the stagnation and thrombus formation .
  • When you visit a doctor флеболога, the specialist can make the diagnosis of varicose veins.Sometimes surprises you-the patients, after all, typical signs of the disease does not occur.
  • The application of compresses when varicose veins makes nasty, itchy, burning sensation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, разжижает lymph, plasma, thus preventing the formation of тромбофлебита. You can do at home .
  • The initial phase of the варикоза lend themselves to drug therapy and drug therapy from the arsenal of folk medicine. How is performed the treatment варикоза of the veins in the legs folk means? What do you need?
  • The reduction of thrombosis venous tone and bankruptcy of the functions of the valves, sooner or later, lead to stagnation processes in the blood vessels, the deformation of the veins. The condition is called varicose veins .
  • A wonderful time – pregnancy – can cause very nasty disease varicose veins disease (chronic venous insufficiency). According to the statistics, 20 to 30% of women after the first pregnancy appear varicose veins.