Why it occurs and how it is diagnosed, treated internal varicose veins?

Vienna, located directly under the skin, called "surface". In turn, the vessels which pass through the fascial bed of the muscles of the legs, called "deep of vienna". Exterior and interior venous system among themselves connect "perforating vessels", through which the blood can flow from one to the other. If there is stagnation in the deep veins (the main cause is the same notorious varicose veins) via perforating the blood is restored on the surface, which causes it to expand. Therefore, the expansion hypodermic vessels can be seen as a consequence of the already existing варикоза the interior of the veins.

The blood is collected from all organs and / back to the heart. The force of gravity counteracts this process, so that the mother nature has created a method, with which the flow direction does not change — the blood through the veins moves only to the heart. To this, she provided the vessels, valves, working in the same direction, preventing the return of the reflux of the blood. But for various reasons, these valves can get out of the building.

Quam ut mutare vasa

The violation of their labour most often occurs in the veins of the legs, but can happen in other areas of the body. The same process of expansion of venous thrombosis vessel occurs in the pelvic region, upper limbs, trunk, head, and neck. The same "varicose veins" and "варикозные sites are found in these areas of the body. There is and invisible to our eye varicose veins of the internal organs. For example, the increase of pressure in system of portal of vienna (her blood going to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract) causes varicose veins vasodilation of the esophagus, are in подслизистом layer.

Another option is "invisible варикоза" — is a syndrome of chronic pelvic pain. In the literature this pathology can be found under the following headings: varicocele in women, the syndrome of thrombosis venous stagnation in the pelvic. The analog of this disease in men ("internal signal варикоза") — varicocele.

The reasons for the development варикоза

There is a plethora of factors that promote the "wrong" work of the venous valves, some of them relate to:

  • the genetic predisposition;
  • the excess weight;
  • the hormonal imbalance;
  • pregnancy;
  • gynaecological problems that lead to the formation of clots (phlebo thrombosis);
  • a trauma or inflammation of the veins;
  • constipation chronic, contributes to varicose veins rectal (геморрою).

The lifestyle of a person play an important role in the development of варикоза. The people, the profession that provides for the long stay in the стоячем or sitting position, have the propensity to develop the disease, for example, nurses, flight attendants and teachers. The pathology observed more frequently in sex than men, has the story of the family, passed on from parents to children.

the signa internal swelling

The manifestations of the pathology

One of the signs of varicose expansion of deep veins of the legs is the swelling and twisted" surface of vienna. In addition, there are the following symptoms internal варикоза:

  • pain in the legs, which usually occurs when the patient long sitting or standing;
  • swelling of the lower limbs;
  • feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs;
  • convulsions in rest;
  • the women point to the deterioration in the above-mentioned symptoms during menstruation.

If it is not promptly started the treatment, it is possible the emergence of complications:

  • the skin on the legs and thins, which makes it "overly sensitive" from any injury (scratches time does not heal);
  • the inflammation of the dead of the veins (флебиты).

Often, the patient finds that it is this internal varicose veins in the legs, when they appear the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis — express the swelling of the lower limbs, acute pain, fever.


The appearance of varicose veins-extended hypodermic veins in the legs — this is a reason to immediately contact the patient to the doctor. Although varicose veins (varicose veins) are considered as a cosmetic problem, however, this may serve as a symptom of a deep варикоза. In the process of examining doctor, dr. visually able to assess the degree of extension of the surface of the blood vessels.

To check the deep of vienna, usually assigned to the ultrasound duplex, which allows to consider the deep structure of the veins, to evaluate the movement of blood for it, see the blood clots.


Another test that can be applied in the diagnosis of варикоза deep veins, it is плетизмография. This study allows to determine the degree of functional disorders of the victim of the vessel. In addition, sometimes, the doctor may prescribe invasive methods of research — the examination of magnetic resonance imaging resonance angio графия or phlebo graphy. When the data techniques is used as a contrast agent, which is injected directly into the vein.


How to treat internal varicose veins of the lower limb, depends, generally, on the degree of injury of the blood vessels. In the early stages, you can apply the therapy conservative, which foresees the use of compression fabrics knitted, drug use impact (veno-tonic), as well as tools of folk medicine.

If the conservative treatment does not help, the doctor may recommend sclerotherapy. This procedure provides for the introduction of sclerosing substances under the control duplex, the ultra-sound directly in the pot. In cases of illness, generally, it is recommended that the surgical treatment — removal of extended phases of deep veins.

Popular medicine in treating internal варикоза offers the following recipes:

  • Decoction hop cones. A tablespoon of shredded cones of hops, poured a glass of boiled water and aged in a steam bath for 15 minutes. As only it has cooled, you can apply to the diseased veins.
  • The rate of birch bark. Grind the birch, дубовую bark, berries, chestnut horse (each ingredient is taken by 3 tablespoons) mixed with 2 ст. tablespoons field horsetail and the icelandic moss. To this mixture add the astragalus, the roots of the blackberry. After two cups of obtained mixture, pour a liter of boiling water and проваривают in the fire for 5 minutes. Decoction drink 4 times a day, 200 milliliters.

Prevention of varicose veins

Unfortunately, from варикоза it is not possible to get rid completely. As in any disease, it is relevant to the issue of prevention. Below activities help to some extent, prevent the development of the disease:

  • not to hybridize to the feet when seated;
  • regularly walks, especially with relation to the employees of the offices;
  • get rid;
  • of excess weight;
  • The decoction of hop conis
  • wear loose clothing to avoid too much compression in the region of the feet, groin and waist;
  • prevent the onset of constipation;
  • during the time that you are standing, periodically, to transfer the body weight from one leg to another.

Deep vein and the surface of the system of the lower limbs are closely related to each other. Therefore, if you suffer from deep veins of the legs, is to react to the subcutaneous. The emergence of the same vascular mesh (such as the characteristic surface варикоза) should alert, do think about their deep veins.