The application of the elastic bandage when варикозном expansion of the veins

Swelling is a disease of veins the lower and upper members. The disease manifests itself in unequal traction, the veins, the increase in length and volume. When varicose veins worsens the appearance of the feet, made of leather act veins and vessels, a man pursued ноющие pain in the calves and stopping of the feet, sometimes, not giving to sleep at night. The feet синеют, you will receive a high probability of formation of blood clots and трофических ulcers, which implies serious consequences. When there is not sufficient time for the treatment of варикоза it can cause the development of diseases of the skin, tissue and bones in the place of pathological varicose veins. Swelling is the leader in the list of diseases of women, especially after childbirth.

Primum indicium swelling est labor et dolor in crura
Varicose veins related to high physical activity on the body, with the execution of a hard work, with excess loads to the upper and lower limbs, when security forces exercises and sports activities.

The disease is difficult to flow in people with a genetic predisposition to swelling, of someone who had a lesion of vessels or diseased cardiovascular disease; in people with excess weight, have bad habits, such as alcoholism or drug addiction. When варикозном expansion of the veins are contraindicated intense physical load, long trips and tours.When the first symptoms варикоза, to avoid the serious consequences of this disease, you should immediately contact your doctor and begin treatment.

Elastic bandage and its properties

Elastic ligatures are indispensable helpers in the realization of compression therapy варикоза there are more than 50 years. They eliminate the stagnation of blood, which is formed in the veins, due to their obstruction. Support vienna, not giving you stretch and increase the volume, decreasing the lumen of blood vessels. Enhance the experience of valves, because of this, intensifies the movement of the blood in your veins, and recovers complete healthy blood flow.

Elastic ligatures solve the stagnation of blood, the support of vienna, reducing the lumen of blood vessels, improve the work of the valves, because of this, intensifies the movement of the blood in your veins, and recovers complete healthy blood flow

What is the positive effect of the use of elastic bandage when varicose veins? He has to pick up, support, anti-inflammatory and stimulating properties, breathe well, and the foot is not sweating. When it is used to decrease the swelling of the veins and of the feet. Depending on the degree of difficulty of progression of the disease, the amount of feet and space development варикоза pick up different types: long, medium or short property of elongation. For example, after the surgical treatment варикоза use bandages with a long stretch. For medicinal purposes use short-and medium-sized types, they have a 50% composed of wool not to rub the leg vienna, its length should be 3 m and a width of up to 10 м.

For bandages has had a positive impact on patients, members, and did not hurt the process of hematopoietic, they need to use correctly. Elastic ligatures when varicose veins are one of the methods of treatment, but not all, patients under the effect properly enjoy them, and to impose independently. Therefore, you should consult your doctor so that he has introduced rules to enforce individually, so you can easily do it at home alone. Only overlap the bandage has therapeutic, compression and therapeutic action in patients members. Otherwise, it can have a negative impact on the flow of blood in the veins, affect the process of disease progression and worsen the condition of the body.

How to properly use elastic bandage when varicose veins?

Elastic bandage when varicose veins it is necessary to apply in the morning, soon after sleep, not rising. Preferably in a reclining position. For added convenience, you can lift the foot on the firm support and start connecting foot, tighten bracelet bandage heel, forming a node (the castle), the end of the elastic, it remained in the foot, does not slip when walking and movements, as well as for their better fixing. In this case, he keep vienna. All revolutions must be applied exactly behind the other, without the formation of folds and pleats, not to tighten the skin and veins.

Each round of impose rode one to the other, grabbing the last about half or more. Connect the legs has the leg to the knee in the direction from bottom to top. Under the knee of the edge of the clip, but not tight, to not пережимать of vienna and do not break the bloodstream. The rate of compression bandage you can determine depending on the shape of the foot and location of varicose veins, in addition, in our time, release the bands with manual, mechanical, and the locking tabs, which can be adjusted independently, at any time necessary.

After the application of a bandage man needs a little bit of exercise for blood circulation in the body, there was a intense, and the veins began to work correctly. The largest load is advisable. Enough to make the more easy of a complex of gym session in the morning. It is very useful for this walk of 15-20 minutes. It is not possible to strongly pull the leg bandage, otherwise, you can re-push of vienna, and obtain the rapid progression of the disease. Weak to impose elastic bandage is also impossible, because he will not give the desired effect.

For the therapeutic effect quite average compression, so as not to re-push of vienna or of not being able to cope with the therapy. Regardless of the duration of treatment banding need to shoot at night, each time, to give the leg to relax.

The advantage of an elastic bandage is that it is completely takes the shape of the foot, soft and well stretched, when movements, which has the composition (60% cotton, polyester, and latex) and does not cause irritations on the skin it quickly to put on the foot and comfortable to wear without feeling discomfort. It invisible under pants or other clothing. Use a bandage when varicose veins have enough for a long period of one month up to six months, in order to obtain good results in the treatment of varicose veins. We must not forget hygiene procedures: wash the bandage 2-3 times per week in the мыльном a solution of salt and warm water. After washing elastic, do not squeeze, do not expose to high temperatures, such as, for example, when the press. Store rolled. It has a good appearance and does not disappear after washing, thanks to its natural composition. Elastic bandage is available for a price of each, can buy in any pharmacy.

In accordance with the rules of the overlay elastic bandage, when appropriate treatment and systematic medical control of varicose veins can be cured elastic bandage: to restore blood flow, improve the function of the vessels and the veins, facilitate the work of the intravenous valves. Vienna are becoming resistant and the feet acquire healthy and beautiful.

Elastica bandages excluditur sanguinem stasis

Disadvantages of the bandage

  1. It is not a preventive remedy when varicose veins. It is used for the treatment of varicose veins, having defined the symptoms and indications of use. They may not prevent the development of the disease.
  2. You can re tighten the skin, the vessels, capillaries and veins as if the normal walking, and the intense loads, in spite of its correct application.
  3. The duration of treatment. To use it do not need less than a month, and in complex cases take 1.5 months to six months.

Contraindications to the use of elastic bandage

Elastic ligatures when varicose veins are always used, but there are a number of circumstances in which it is not possible to use elastic bandage: the allergy to wool and other components of a bandage.

In the postoperative period, when not healing, sewing, and, in cases of execution of varicose veins.