How to hurt your legs when varicose veins — warned means armed

Like any other disease, varicose veins alone does not develop, there are a number of prerequisites, which promotes their development:

  1. Heredity. In fact, the inheritance can not be considered independent of the cause of the varicose veins, that is, the heredity plays a role only in the case that there are other use cases for the development of the disease. The emergence of pathological symptoms, simply because of heredity that is not the case.
  2. The incorrect shoes. High heels – is just the tip of the iceberg, in fact, varicose veins can cause any incorrectly sober, and shoes. The constant pressure on the foot area negatively affects the output of blood, causing, thus, the discomfort in the area of compression, or in the middle of a vein.
  3. The constant pressure on the legs. This exposed people, the profession that are related with the constant of your stay on their feet (barbers, surgeons, vendors, and др.). The people involved in such processes, faced with the painful feeling each day, tiredness in the legs often changes the discomfort, to deal with the that just, is just to throw the legs above the level of the heart.
  4. The injury. Strangely enough, the pathology can develop due to injury of the vascular wall. Visually, this damage may be completely transparent, and the patient to seek only in subcutaneous manifestations, type hematoma. The pain with the development of varicose veins, the disease may be confused with the unpleasant sensations associated with the trauma.
  5. The problem within the body. All types of infections, endocrine disorders, poisoning they are able to cause the development of варикоза, many times the disease does not have symptoms, they develop only later, more progression.
Important! Each disease has of control the doctor, after all, he must say the same about the symptoms, which, apparently, do not refer to the disease directly.

What is the pain

Dolore in fine, die break, manifestum indicium swelling

The pain of varicose veins, disease common phenomenon, but not unique. The presence of the symptom, just as your character, which can vary in each patient. Anatomical changes have nothing to do with the intensity of manifestations.

So, what you can feel:

  1. Nothing. Really, sometimes, VRV does not bother the patient, is not expressed, and does not affect the quality of life.
  2. Swelling of the time. In medicine, the symptom called "episode отеками". The pain that accompany such swelling is more often caused by more pathology, a tightening shoes or clothes. Swelling and pain that occur sporadically, appearing only in the second half of the day, and not always every day.
  3. Fatigue. A feel quite similar to pain, but, however, she is not. Patients perceive that fatigue, first, in the second half of the day, but with the progress of the disease fatigue also grow. In some patients we can observe a feeling of fatigue, even after minimal loads.
  4. Gravity. The so-called "syndrome of heavy legs" – the first in truth the pain of the manifestations of the disease. When varicose veins unpleasant sensations in the legs can be rumpitur, тянущими or even accentuated. Dealing with a pain classic reception with elevation of the legs, happens only in the early stages of the disease, the rest of the time the pain require the application of a local drug drug. It is often at this stage of development participate in the seizures during sleep.
  5. Permanent swelling. Such swelling will signal about the serious degree of development of VRV, can be accompanied by pain motion of vienna, or by unpleasant sensations in the legs, or a stop.
  6. Ulcers and other diseases. Violation of blood flow over time leads to stable insufficient trophism tissues. Because of this, appear external injuries дерматитов, eczema or ulcers. Therefore, the previously described symptoms together-if the symptoms of dermatological diseases, which can also manifest itself as pain.
Pay attention! The fatigue and heaviness in the legs, sometimes, you do not have to do so much with varicose veins, as well as excess weight of the patient, накладывание, one thing reinforces the other one, the one that causes the most brilliant manifestation of symptoms.

We walked a couple of

The emergence of the first symptoms – a reason to visit the doctor, but in some cases, even a specialist, are necessary results of instrumentation and laboratory testing.

It is important to remember that varicose veins have various location, and education we do not occur symmetrically. If a leg hurts when varicose veins, the second may not display any symptoms.

Symmetrical with the appearance of pain or edema in the lower limbs can be related not only with the question of pathology, but also with other diseases, blood and lymph vessels, heart or kidneys.

The pain can be just one leg, the disease does not cover the entire body immediately

Apparently, everything is simple and, sometimes, the legs hurt, sometimes not, but the more progresses the disease, the greater the probability of the occurrence of pain. When progression VRV up to 2-3 extent that it is almost inevitable. Therefore, it is important not only to know how to deal with the pain, but to be able to time for it to warn.

Then, the instruction for healthy people:

Dolor potest esse nisi in uno asks, morbidity and tegit totum corpus simul
  1. Fight with heredity. If you have a predisposition to varicose expansion of veins, it is advisable to visit the doctor at least once every two years, in order to reveal even the devil симптомное-term pathology.
  2. The ride. An active lifestyle is useful, regardless of the manifestation of various diseases. The fresh air has a positive effect not only on the cardiovascular system, but also in other systems of the body.
  3. Abandon bad habits. Smoking and alcohol, and all types of medications cause spasm of the blood vessels, In the future, the wall of the vein become more vulnerable, gradually developing into varicose veins. Intravenous use of narcotic substances injure the blood vessel wall directly, and not just at the site of the puncture, but and along the vein.
  4. Do not lift weights. If you are used to from the store with heavy packages, then it is time to give it up. The excess weight in their hands significantly increases the load on the legs. If the weight increase is associated with the profession (weight lifters, porters, bodybuilders), then notify the development варикоза special help for the clothing that is used for the practice of sports activities.
  5. Choose the comfort. It is worth to choose a footwear, once only by selecting comfortable, ортопедически the correct shoes that you can not worry about the appearance of a disease. The same goes for the half, they must not only be comfortable, but do not hold the stretch, because it violates the exit of the blood.
Important! No one does give up all the women high heel shoes, because it is virtually impossible. For healthy people, it is important to carefully approach the choice of the shoe, you can even pick up insoles orthopedic.

The following recommendations relate to the one who has the disease already diagnosed. This does not mean that the recommendations for healthy people do not relate to patients with варикоза, preventive measures to prevent disease and prevent its development. Therefore, the treatment VRV includes lifestyle practices.


  1. Socks, stockings, tights. All of the above items must be purchased in a pharmacy, and have compression properties. When you select the need to rely on the compression rate, the recommended by your doctor. It is the application of compression clothing gives a significant relief of pain at the end of the day.
  2. You take medicines. Depending on the degree of development of the disease phlebologist assigns local medicines, or the general validity. Venotonic improve the output of blood, but does not relieve the pain, or the pain exhausted-only to the system of application of drugs local action.
  3. The standard painkillers. Drugs a number of painkillers almost helpless to the development of pain when varicose veins, but the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are able to cope, in a relatively short space of time. The ointment with the same action, also to help deal with the constant pain, but, again, the time of action of drugs for a long time is not enough.
  4. Physical education. There are some reservations, because the heavy load on the feet give only aggravate during the result. You should consult your doctor, to select a short medical course-preventive of physical education. As in the case of medicines veno tonic steps, therapy by exercise, in relation to pain, it will act only to the exercise system. And here's the overall action will be immediately noticeable, or is, the load will not cause feelings of extreme fatigue of the legs.
  5. Useful sleep. The tip more simple, how to relieve the pain in the legs when varicose veins – keep your feet in high position, but lying down all day with legs raised no one can. Therefore, it is very effective to compensate for the sleep and/or relax in the evening. All types of pillows for your feet, recommended to the patients during sleep, can replace the conventional blanket.
@ Fortis est, sed mulieres sunt pertinax
Important! Sometimes, the patient must take anticoagulants to thin the blood, and, sometimes, the reception of such medicines will only worsen the general state of the patient. Anticoagulants general validity are assigned only by qualified personnel, under the necessary supervision of laboratory tests of blood.

Get rid of once

The chronic diseases to chase a person throughout life, but in our case the solution is still there. If the patient thinking that to relieve discomfort in the legs when varicose veins and for all, it means the quality of life has diminished significantly, or he simply is tired of the fulfilment of an infinite number of suggestions.

Operational intervention when varicose veins very highly regarded method, it is important to take the step. In fact, ranking all the types of operations you can determine what is appropriate for a specific person. The decision on performing the surgery should take vascular surgeon, as some patients may not "lie under the knife" because of contra-indications.

How to choose and what to expect after

Treatment options — is no easy task. In the early stages of the disease the patients almost do not resort to little invasive methods of treatment. If the time to ask for help, with the pain and the sensations one can very well cope with and without surgery.

Pros and cons of conservative treatment:

  • it is not necessary to invest a lot of money;
  • it is important to consult a doctor;
  • the symptoms will gradually;
  • requires the diary of a systematic implementation of recommendations;
  • can return;
  • requires periodic physician with the laboratory results for the diagnosis.

Patients who are tired of the constant problem with pain, that it almost does not withdraw often resorted to surgical interventions.

Important! The treatment even a little bit of method invasive should recommend a doctor.

Pros and cons of surgical treatment:

  • compliance with the recommendations for the prevention of recurrence;
  • the existence of the recovery period;
  • the observation of a doctor once in 1 to 3 years;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • high price;
  • the elimination of the starting point of the pain symptom within a few days;
  • can perform at any stage of the development of the disease.

Regardless I agree that if the patient for the surgery or not, the general recommendation has yet to fulfill. Without a doubt, the quality of life during the treatment or after the operational intervention significantly different from the uncontrolled chain варикоза.

Hurt feet when varicose veins or not, depends on the case. If at least one of the symptoms manifested and the medical opinion is needed, the sooner the person learns about the diagnosis, the less chance of developing the disease.