How are the trophic ulcer when варикоза in the legs — what are they and how can they be treated

Rincipal reason for the occurrence of ulcers when варикозном expansion of veins – the violation of the blood supply to the skin. It causes the oxygen and the nutrients do not arrive to the cells, they die, and it occurs the inflammatory process.

Trophic ulcer appear in the final stages of disease, are formed long-term and gradual. Circulatory disorders occurs for the following reasons:

  1. Diabetes mellitus.
  2. Venous insufficiency and варикоза.
  3. Atherosclerosis members.
  4. Hypertension.
  5. The diseases of the skin.
  6. Trauma of the extremities.
  7. Burns and other skin lesions of the integument.
It is provocative factor is the violation of the flow of blood, and the most frequent cause of venous insufficiency and варикоза.

Трофическая venous ulcer

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An excessive load to the blood vessels, which occurs in certain diseases or wrong way of life leads to straining venous wall, and the weakness of valves.

The result of this are areas of stagnation of blood in the second and later stages are visible to the naked eye. Трофический tissue in the region of stagnation is broken, the cells begin to die, and a shuttle service to mediators of inflammation increases.

For трофических venous ulcers has the location in the bottom panel of the legs or ankles. She begins to form on the inside.

The initial stages of the process periodically attenuated, however, without the correct treatment, relapse inevitable.

In heavy stages of venous insufficiency, and deep venous thrombosis are observed giant варикоза ulcers.

Ulcers when варикоза can cover the purpose of all sides, or impair the deeper layers of the skin.

Conservative treatment is only effective when timely start. When serious violations intended intervention.

What should be alerted before the advent of the defect

Is the timely detection of pathology gives the possibility to notify to the irreversible process in the tissues. The ulcers occur in the final stages of diseases and are the result of existing violations. Before трофической ulcer person bother the common symptoms of the disease. When варикоза is:

  1. The gravity and the sensation of fatigue in the legs.
  2. The swelling.
  3. The emergence of image a vascular "stars".
  4. Bulges out of the vein.
  5. These symptoms indicate that the veins do not support the load and in need of help. Similar discomfort should alert and encourage the patient to go for counselling to your doctor. In the initial stages of drug treatment very effectively. Good results also gives the therapeutic use of knitted fabrics.

    Causes the king

    Types of ulcers трофических

    Trophic ulcer are of different types, depending on what led you to this conclusion осложнению.

    1. Venous ulcers. The reflux of blood from the deep veins in the surface and the stagnation lead to a deterioration of the nutrition of the tissues, the deficit of oxygen and the consequent отмиранию of cells. The process begins in the lower part of the legs in the inner part and then expands.
    2. Arterial, ulcers. In this case, the nutrition of the skin worsens due to atherosclerosis. Occlusion of the arteries leads to the phase of ischemia and insufficiency of blood circulation. The process of healing and recovery expressed poorly. The plague frequently occurs in the area of the foot, affecting the toes, heel, folds internal . Many times, the wounds no way. This is a very serious state, which in many cases leads to gangrene or the need for limb amputation.
    3. Neuro trophic. Occur when the violation трофический of nerve endings. The reason it acts nerve damage due to trauma or certain diseases. With this defeat, the process is difficult to treat, it is long-term and firmly. Neuro трофическая ulcer usually appears under the bone edges, often in the region of the heel. Due to an atrophy of the nerves, it does not hurt, despite the fact that can greatly affect the deeper layers of the skin. The plague has the form of a crater, within which are visible muscles and even the bone tissue. From the panel, defeat, stands out the pus that has an unpleasant odor.

    The stage of developing ulcers.

    Pathology gradually formed. Causes acts as any disease, which leads to an increase in the permeability of the venous wall. Because of this, the dermis fall outside the red blood cells and hemoglobin. In this phase, occurs the first symptom – hyperpigmentation of the skin, which outwardly noticeable as a industry red-brown.

    Continued the progression of the pathology leading to ischemia of the phase of the skin and the appearance of the white seal. It is the state of what doctors diagnose as on an ulcer. At this stage, the treatment is still quite efficient, and the structure of the tissue can still recover.

    In the future, the colitis process affects deeper and more extensive area, which leads to inflammation of the soft tissues. Often, at this stage, occurs the accession of secondary infection and purulent process.

    Determine trophic to prague is quite easy, the difficulty lies only in the treatment, where it is necessary to pay attention not only to the recovery of tissues, but, and resolution of causes.

    Possible complications

    Трофическая the plague is already, in itself, is a complication of diseases such as diabetes, varicose veins, and venous insufficiency. After the appearance of ulcers of a pathological process can be exacerbated by the annexation of infection and pus. If трофику fabrics is not possible to repair, there is a high probability for the occurrence of gangrene and the need for limb amputation.

    The smaller the size of the damaged surface, which is easier and faster is the structure and function of the tissue. Therefore, the treatment варикоза should begin when the first symptoms of venous insufficiency.


    Treatments and activities

    The treatment трофических of ulcers when варикоза should begin with a thorough examination of the patient.

    This is done to determine with precision the causes which led to the plague of a defect, as well as, to obtain the results of blood clotting and other important indicators. The treatment can be carried out by two methods:

    1. Surgical intervention. A concrete form of immediate treatment, select a doctor. This may be the resection of a part of a vessel, the fix of damaged tissue. In modern clinics available, such safe treatments, such as laser ablation and склеротерапия. To completely heal the injured area, after the operation you should follow the guidelines of the doctor and give more time to recover the blood circulation.
    2. The conservative therapy. Here refers not only to the drug treatment, but also the use of biological means, procedures, physical therapy, spa relaxation. All the activities aim at the strengthening of the vascular wall, the recovery of microcirculation, the dilution of the blood and decrease the inflammatory process.

    The therapy with fluids and ointments

    The advantage of remedies that can be applied directly over the damaged area. When you do this, the patient must remember that to resolve the cause is not sufficient and required the full treatment.

    However, solutions and ointments as well complement the treatment plan. They may include the following components:

    1. Antiseptics or antibiotics.
    2. Vitamins.
    3. Venotonics.
    4. Sooner заживляющие substance.
    Of that treat ulcers in the feet when варикоза assigns the doctor. It is not recommended to self-medicate or use the tool, through the counsel of friends.


    The reception of medications is the basis of the conservative treatment. Medications for the system to use far more effective in outdoor locations and costs.

    The main place is reserved for medicinal products of the group venotonics, good to help eliminate the blood stasis, restore the structure of a vessel and reduce its permeability. Many venotonics perfect as a prophylactic and can be used without a doctor's prescription.

    In parallel, it is necessary to pay primary attention to the disease. If the venous ulcer called diabetes mellitus, in the first place, it is necessary to assign the patient сахароснижающие drugs.

    Folk remedies

    There is a plethora of recipes with the use of remedies that help reduce swelling, relieve inflammation and accelerate wound healing.

    The danger of such an approach is that patients try to get rid of only one symptom, not acting on the main cause.

    Folk remedies and animal therapeutic treatments, you can only do in addition to the schema, proposed by the doctor. According to the opinions of physicians, in the phase of трофических ulcers folk remedies is already ineffective.

    It is a great attraction-based cleaning nut, beeswax, and cabbage.

    Physical therapy procedure

    Physical therapy procedures to improve microcirculation and restore structure of the damaged tissue.

    After a session of physical therapy procedure normalizes the output and the blood flow, decreases swelling and inflammation, decreasing the feeling of discomfort.

    Treatment of ulcers on the legs when varicose veins may include:

    • УФО;
    • UHF;
    • electrophoresis;
    • darsonvalizations;
    • aeroionotherapy;
    • лазеро therapy;
    • massage;
    • the air a bathroom.

    The prevention of complications and recurrence

    Ulcers when varicose veins is much easier to prevent than treat. To understand the mechanism of the occurrence of the pathology, the patient can self-practice the prevention of wounds. Avoided trophic ulcer or relapse help:

    1. The medicines of the group venotonics, which is allowed to drink is a long one, and also as prevention.
    2. The adequate nutrition. To vessels useful non-greasy food, rich in vitamins. It is also important to observe the regime of drinking.
    3. utile natantibus, yoga,
    4. Mesh compression. Special therapeutic mesh has mechanical support blood vessels, preventing them from stretching, and education stagnation. The degree of pressure that creates similar to the clothing, adjusted by your doctor.
    5. Moderately active life style. Need to find a "middle ground" and be mobile every day. Problems with the veins leading to excess load, and a sedentary lifestyle.
    6. Very useful swimming, yoga, the posture with high bottom-to-top.

    Of that treat trophic ulcer when varicose veins resolves only the doctor. This state already speaks of the neglect of the process and can not remain without attention. More early stages of venous insufficiency, the patient can be treated at home with the help of venotonic ointments, pills and compression clothing. In the early stages of a good effect gives hirudotherapy.

    Варикозные leg ulcers is not only terribly seem, but are really hazardous to human health. To get rid of them will only be the daily care with the affected area and comply with all medical recommendations.