Varicose veins in pregnancy

The visual problems with the veins can appear as "varicose veins" and "worm". In the first case, it is the honeycomb of small vessels, such as a spider's web network. They are the blue or purple coloring, but does not rise above the surface of the skin. "The worm" – that is, on the contrary, the extension of the trunk of the vein. Usually, it detects them bulging, distention. Such vienna, sometimes the diameter of a finger, have the blue and the green. But varicose veins is not just cosmetic defect. It is a disease that is extremely dangerous complications. Among them, the most common are: venous thrombosis, trophic ulcer, bleeding. The more dangerous the formation of a blood clot, which can become loose and create an imminent risk of life to the mother and the child.

What are varicose veins? Symptoms of the disease

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Mechanism of the formation of varicose veins during pregnancy is the blood of the bed of the arteries "full" in the lower limbs, but delayed there, because vienna partially are being compressed and may not provide enough крово output. Because of this, there is the stagnation of the venous blood, that rupture of vienna, from the inside to the outside.

The initial phase of the варикоза escape for women virtually asymptomatic – apparently it is detected only a small deformation of the veins. In this case, at the end of the day, it is possible to the appearance of edema, that for the morning it disappears completely. Normally, the swelling accompanied by a feeling of gravity feet, fatigue./p>

When more than a state of abandonment, convulsions may occur calf muscles. Basically, they worry a pregnant woman during the night. Next, the disease, compounded by a strong pain in the legs and itching of the skin, also growing at night.

The next phase of the development варикоза – significant deformation of the veins. In this case, vienna, acting on the skin, which has expanded, sometimes fully flexed. It is worth mentioning that, in some cases, even with the strong tension of the veins), the woman may not be unpleasant or painful sensations. At the same time, barely noticeable to the eye changes can often be combined with severe symptoms of pain.

Typically, the reasons for the occurrence or worsening of this disease during pregnancy are: hormonal restructuring of the body (which leads to a weakening of the venous wall), the increase in the volume of blood in the veins (which resulted in a significant increase in load to vienna), the growing pressure of the uterus and the fetus, the growing weight of a pregnant woman. In addition, have individual characteristics in the female body, in particular the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels, недоразвитие or even a complete lack of venous valves.

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Many times, when the pregnancy does not only occur varicose veins of the lower limbs, but the varicose veins labia, vulva, vagina, anus (hemorrhoids). If you do not get the time to perform the treatment, the large vulvar varicose veins can lead to rupture of vienna, as well, causing bleeding that could be fatal.

Prevention варикоза during pregnancy

Preventive measures the need to develop and to women, that the disease only "appeared on the horizon", and the fact that it does not express its manifestations. During the pregnancy with this objective, it is necessary to use compression stockings (anti-варикозные socks during pregnancy do not apply), or tight roll-up legs elastic bandage. The first option is the most convenient, since it does not require training, special technique of tying, which is necessary in the case of a bandage. But you should know that you're not alone pick up the socks, which should be done by a doctor. It will take into account the necessary degree of dishes of compression, teach to properly use this product. For example, the doctor will say that you wear stockings I need in the morning, in the reclined position, do not get out of bed. In addition, it is not worth to wear the clothes, which prevents the free крово conversion of the hips and knees. Choose shoes with heels 3-5 см.

The following measures, that is worth making, – to improve the blood circulation in your legs with the help of physical exercises and changes of state. This means that you should as often as possible to give the feet relax and empty them. Occasionally, you should go, and so the feet were on a hill (very suitable the option to play the feet on the table-american good manners). It is also important to the implementation of special exercise: circular movements with the feet, "bicycle", the raise on toes, перекат "sock heel". You can lie down on your back, raise your legs to a 90 degree angle (or smooth) and stir.

During the sleep, try to lie down in left lateral position to improve blood flow. Do not cross your legs when sitting, and do not remain for a long period of time. If you have to stay, periodically, go up the socks. It would be useful to use the swimming pool.

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Stay tuned for the weight gain was not very significant, or is, beyond its limit, because it has a negative impact on the state of the veins.

The treatment варикоза during pregnancy

Treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy, as well as other diseases, alone, is unacceptable. This should involve a specialist.

In most cases, the treatment for this disease in pregnant women should be conservative methods aimed at the improvement of venous thrombosis churn. For the treatment of relevant all measures, which we describe in the previous section: wearing special stocking, kinesiotherapy. This may include outdoor walks, the ascent and descent of stairs. The basis of the diet of the pregnant woman, the victim of varicose veins, should be of vegetables, lean meat, fish, cheese, eggs.

More often in the treatment of варикоза during pregnancy use of local medicines: gels, ointments. The truth, remember that it is not any tool is now appropriate, since the substance penetrates into the blood and can be dangerous for the child.

Today, the pharmaceutical market offers a great variety of drugs, the action that aims at the treatment of varicose veins disease.

Especially in difficult cases, when a rapid progression of the disease (or such complications as venous thrombosis, трофическая ulcer) to perform the surgical treatment. If there really is a real threat, so the doctors are operating interference, which is usually performed in the first six months of pregnancy. It is also possible the method sclerotherapy veins with special solutions.