Prevention varicose veins lighter than your treatment

Varicose veins – is a complex disease characterized by varicose veins, and violation of blood circulation. The vessels increase in size, change shape, lose their natural elasticity and become well visible visually. The danger of the varicose veins is that the rate of blood flow decreases, form blood clots and, in the case of violation of the power of the skin appear trophic ulcer.

preventive exercises with varicose veins

To avoid the serious consequences of the disease, conduct prevention activities. The sooner they are developed the better.

This is why it is important the prevention of varicose veins

The main priority of the notice of the development of pathology in the duct movement is the preservation of the health of the patient, the elimination of the causes of disease and the maintenance of vessels in the normal state.

Many people suffer with this disease, have a hereditary predisposition to it. Others earn their due work.

Therefore, the prevention of varicose veins is constructed of two ways:

  • activities for people with a predisposition, natural or professional prominence, but still do not suffer from varicose veins;
  • steps to patients who have about you the disease, with the goal of preventing serious complications.

The majority of doctors phlebologists sure that varicose veins are more easy to prevent than treat.

Therefore, the main goal of any patient — with the purpose of implementing preventive actions for the prevention of the occurrence of the disease.

To resolve this problem there is a lot of proven and completely new, modern and technical.

Methods of prevention

Varicose veins most commonly affects the lower limbs. Therefore, the people that it is possible to increase the veins or they already shine through the skin and become visible to the naked eye, you have to be careful about the state of their feet. Prevention of varicose veins at home should be comprehensive. Because of this, you should use different tools.

the normalization of the weight

The standardisation of its own weight

Body weight is an important component to the overall well-being of a person. The higher it is, the greater is the load of work is created in the foot. The vessels, which perform none of the members blood, they become unable to function normally.

Because of this, occurs varicose veins. Therefore, it is important to keep your weight normal. When a set of extra pounds, you should change the diet, use, useful diet and adhere to a particular feeding mode.

Power mode

To keep the elasticity of veins, it is recommended to include in the daily diet of a particular set of products that strengthen the walls of the vessels, and promote normal blood circulation.

These include vegetables and fruits with a higher content of fiber: cabbage, bran, wholemeal bread. Are useful the apples, sunflower seeds, nuts, berries, especially cranberry, sea buckthorn, blueberries.

Some well-known phlebologists recommend periodically stick juice or fruit and vegetable diet with the use of raw foods and natural fruits.

In any case, the imminent varicose veins are contraindicated confectionery and different types of cakes, coffee and strong tea, the sugar, the from any alcohol, modern, energetic, and soft drinks.

Physical exercise

Intense physical load, transport weights and involuntary long-stay of the foot contributes to the development of varicose veins and legs.

For the prevention of diseases should carry out special exercises that support vienna in good shape. The most beneficial lessons in the swimming pool: common swimming or water aerobics.

The water is able to relieve the load of work in different parts of the body and create pleasant sensations. In the gym choose exercises without a strong load on the muscles of the legs and abdominal press.

It is important to avoid sudden movements and spontaneous changes of their direction, a long race. Useful for slow walks in the open air, skiing, but not to walk with the high mountains, to practice the dance.

mesh compression

Clothes, shoes, and compression garment

For the prevention of varicose veins important to wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

As to the last, the phlebologists recommend choosing a wide, constant jump of more than four inches. Pin high creates a certain load on one foot, and the vessels of veins do not work properly.

Flat outsole leads to deformity of the foot, platypodia, and compromising the functions of a member, leading to a slowing of blood circulation.

To aggravate the situation can wearing nylon stocking and pantyhose, and other synthetic products that bring together the muscles and do not give the skin to breathe.

For the prevention of varicose veins developed special mesh compression. Elastic tights, stockings and socks are crafted from modern high-tech materials that provide support with effect, cease to stretch vessels) and allow your feet to feel comfortable.

Currently the mesh compression is expensive and the manufacturer of your involved strictly medical certificates of the company. Therefore, it is important to correctly choose the product that will benefit, but will not cause even more damage.

Medical and cosmetic

For the prevention of veins and prevent your legs apply different ointment and cream, enriched with components that will help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and create the normal flow of blood.

Such drugs are many, and they are used by a doctor. When integrated therapy is performed the outdoor application of funds with the use of medicines for oral administration. This intensifies the positive effect. The most common are venotonic drugs.


To prevent problems with veins, it is important to keep the feet clean, regularly, to wash the limb with soap and warm water, especially interdigital areas and the feet.

It is recommended that, contrasting with the procedure, moving the feet in hot and cold water. It is necessary to change socks and clean the shoes.

Folk remedies

To reduce the risk of occurrence of varicose veins, it pays to use proven folk remedies, based on the application of the compositions prepared from medicinal plants.

folk remedies when varicose veins

Especially effective is considered here the nettles. From this herb serves infusion, which they use to walk in the sun. Can be consumed, and within 1/3 of a cup three times a day for one hour before a meal.

A beneficial effect on the composition of the blood and the speed of movement of vessels has the apple cider vinegar. They wash (wipe) the feet morning and night, monitoring the procedure of acquisition of means to inside: 2 h. l. in a glass of water.

The prevention of a professional predisposition to the disease

Prevention varicose veins to sedentary work or standing work has a special meaning.

In this situation, you need to observe the state of your health and adjust your actions. During the working day is important to change the position of the feet and adhere to the rules:

  • If the profession of strength to stay for a long time, you should hold a wide-ranging bass support, in that, periodically, rise and fall, the variation of load on different muscles.
  • When sedentary activities, it is recommended to have similar support for periodically put on your feet to avoid static position on the bottom.
  • It is important to have the ability to straighten his knees, so that blood can flow in all the vessels to the foot.
  • Be sure to take breaks at work and perform some light exercises: the ones that worth it, to sit with the arms extended and the feet raised, on which it sits, look like. If possible, it is advisable to lie down for at least 15 minutes.

The prevention of the disease in pregnant women

When gestation the child, the woman experiences a great load on the lower limbs, especially in the second half, when the fetus develops intense and the weight of the mother increases, occurs the swelling and increase of the veins. A series of measures that help to decrease the risk of developing varicose veins in this period.

Doctors recommend:

varicose veins in pregnancy
  • especially carefully choose the shoes and dress free and comfortable, low-heeled heel;
  • use mesh compression occurs when there is edema, special to wear socks, pants for pregnant women, that support the stomach;
  • avoid excessive consumption of the liquid;
  • evenly distribute the daily workload on a member, change the position of the feet during the day;
  • access to the pool and to perform the estimation of the contrast for the leak.

Women with predisposition to develop varicose veins, during pregnancy should necessarily get advice flebolyeah and follow his recommendation.

In the gestation period of a woman's body experiences a huge load of work. Time developed prevention activities prevention of varicose veins may get rid of severe complications and rapid intervention.