Mesh compression: types, classes, compression, rules of use and care

Mesh compression to help deal with the varicose veins. It is used to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, and for prevention purposes. There are several types of clothing, a model for men and women. Prescribe therapeutic mesh in function of the severity of the disease and in the absence of contraindications. Details to analyze the article.

mesh compression

The need to use

Therapeutic clothing prevents the development of varicose veins and contributes to the elimination of the disease. It supports different parts of the lower limbs. Medical therapy, along with the medicinal clothing contributes to improving the state of the veins and blood vessels, reducing the load on the patient's foot.

The main pressure falls on the foot and calf. The region of the feet are most in need of support for loads and walk. The calf and the thigh drops to 70% and 40% compression, respectively. The higher we climbed, the less the pressure on the member.

The medicinal properties and indications

Mesh compression is to better distribute the load on the legs. The result normalizes the circulation of blood. The diameter of the blood vessels, decreases. Is removed the pain that is caused, the swelling and fatigue.

Therapeutic mesh supports the vessels on the outside, preventing them from stretching. The venous tonus increases. The practice shows that the therapy bed helps to get rid of varicose veins still at the stage of complications. Applying mesh compression, rehabilitation period after the removal of the veins flows much easier.

Use therapeutic socks and socks product recommended in the following cases:

  • the emergence of stars in the feet;
  • pregnancy;
  • swelling of the lower limbs;
  • tiredness in the legs;
  • the appearance of pain when walking;
  • varices of any degree of severity;
  • the period after the surgery;
  • the emergence of blood clots;
  • prevention of varicose veins, disease.

Therapeutic mesh to the athletes is a kind of insurance against the eventual appearance of varicose veins.

Types of lingerie

types of compression clothing

The market of health care products today offers a wide choice of therapeutic knitwear for women and men. The direction of impact on the lower limbs distinguish three main types of knitted fabrics:

  1. Preventive maintenance of bed, have a minimum compression in the leg. As a result of stabilize the blood flow in the lower limb.
  2. The therapeutic clothing of high and medium compression. Applies to the more intense and complicated during the varicose veins.
  3. Post-dryer, which is used in hospitals and clinics. Therapy meshes with that it is easier to move the period of adaptation of the patient after the surgery.

Depending on the location in which the location of venous insufficiency, can take mesh compression to keep the different sectors of the feet.

Compression stockings. Socks shrink in the heel and midfoot, making it stabilizes the blood circulation in the legs and improves muscle tone. The use of this therapeutic category of meshes helps reduce the risk of varicose veins. Compression stockings are applied in the integrated system of therapy to eliminate the disease of the veins.

Compression stockings. Socks are very popular among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Modern therapeutic bed does seem worse than normal. Socks shrink a member in full up to the thigh. Are used for the solution of serious pathologies when varicose veins, disease.

Silicone elastic band, located within a half, the leaves slide underwear.

In some cases, apply more and long socks, that tracking in the region of the groin or waist. The fixing is made with the aid of a time with the contact with the adhesive tape.

The compression tights. Therapeutic pantyhose is used in prevention and cure. It has a disadvantage – clothes difficulty on wearing. Pants have a tightening effect of the entire area of the lower limbs. In addition to the therapeutic effect, they are adjusting the waist, thighs and buttocks. Are available in the market fair with inside and outside of the foot.

The compression reasonable. Therapeutic leggings remember the chaps from far-off childhood. Leggings are used with the aim of reducing the load on the legs from the ankles to the waist. Leggings are assigned in the case does not need foot support. The clothing this category used more and more by athletes during the fitness class. Are assigned leggings prophylactic purposes, and when the first symptoms of varicose veins, disease.

Compression socks and leggings. "Semi high" are used in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, developing below-the-knee. They support the foot of the foot up to the knee. Are different product the fact that socks are socks and socks – not. The advantage of the first place in the treatment of varicose veins obviously. The compression properties of golf socks and accurate, and by placing the foot and the support of the muscle tone of the ankle joint. Walking reduces the load on the thrust bearing. To solve the problem of gravity in feet.

Bandage compression. Bandage therapy – is dense knot, dragging feet in the area of the tibia. Is assigned to clothing in the post-operative period. Bandage fixes the lower part of the legs, allowing the skin to breathe. After the removal of the vein, within a period of six months, it is recommended to use a bandage compression to reduce the load on the lower limbs.

how to choose the clothing mesh

How do you choose?

Therapeutic mesh sold in greece kiosks and orthopaedic appliances beauty salons. Your doctor should prescribe the prescription to the patient, in virtue of which the seller choose the best option. Choose the clothes alone for therapeutic purposes, it is not possible.

Mesh compression is divided into 4 classes:

  1. Class 1. Bed linen with the lowest pressure on the lower limb – 23 mm hg. St. is Assigned in the initial stages of developing varicose veins, when manifested asterisk, minor, of vienna, fatigue and heaviness in the legs.
  2. Class 2. Clothing that pinches the foot at 33 mm hg. St. is Assigned to varicose veins of moderate severity, and also in the treatment of complications, in particular – thrombophlebitis.
  3. Class 3. Bed linen with an increase of the effect of squeeze – 45 mm hg. St. Therapeutic clothing this category applies to the intense and complex period of varicose veins, disease.
  4. Class 4. Medical clothing compresses the lower limb to 50 mm hg. St., eliminating the stagnation of liquids in the intercellular space. It is used in the fight against the varicose veins in the complicated as, for example, when lymphostasis – "ivory is a disease caused by the execution of the state varicose veins.

Therapeutic meshes of each class is available in any variety of socks, tights, leggings and much more. When choosing, it is not less important, the value has a space for the location of the disease. Based on this indicator determines the type of treatment of knitted fabrics. For example, if the varicose veins develops in the shins, you need to use leggings or socks. If the condition progresses, causing pain that is caused all members to be appointed in pantyhose.

Then, you must find your size, using the following measures:

  • the volume in the lower part and the upper part of the leg in cm;
  • length of the member from the ankle to the knee;
  • the circumference of the thighs, in the height of 25 cm from the knee;
  • the length of the lower limb;
  • the circumference of waist and hip (for tights).

Developed special tables that allow you to determine the size of the therapeutic meshes based on individual measurements. Different data providers may be different. In a pharmacy or orthopedic salon expert to choose the clothes to get the size desired.

Cost of quality knitwear very palpable to the family budget. So, initially, it is necessary to buy a model cheap for the test. There are cases in which clothing generates discomfort when used. You may have to change the options during purchase. If the shirt does not cause discomfort, you can purchase another similar product of high quality.

The production of compression clothing must, necessarily, been certified. Not worth buying therapeutic mesh in supermarkets and on the market. Beauty salons, specialized in the sale of treatment of knitted fabrics, usually, are collaborating with medical institutions and have all the necessary documentation. When you purchase a compression garment for the first time, you may request the certificate attests to the quality.

The compression shirt is made of cotton, nylon, lycra and microfiber. Clothing well leaves the air and totally safe for the health. In the summer, you can pick up transparent mesh. If vienna, very manifest and spoil the appearance of the feet, we acquire thin tights or socks, which are placed under the pants of the summer. The quality of the product returns and does not cause discomfort when used.

Before you buy the compression garment quality standards. The purchase of false documents, in the best case, you will not get the result. Low quality meshes can be harmful to the health!

knitwear for men

Features for men

Therapeutic mesh, for the stronger sex is made of special material. On the outside it has good elasticity, from the inner side clothing full of cotton fibres. This shirt has the maximum compression in the lower limbs.

The effect of the use of the male clothing is the following:

  • stabilizes the circulation of the blood;
  • to solve the problem of the pain caused;
  • facilitates the process of the foot;
  • normalizes the pressure in the lower limbs.

Depending on the location in which the development of varicose veins, the disease, men prescribe various types of clothing:

  • socks – when varicose veins in the neighborhood of the legs;
  • socks – when the venous insufficiency in the area above the knee;
  • socks to tighten the belt, eliminate the disease iliac;
  • lingerie, which is most frequently used in practice and competitions with the aim of protecting the maternity of the body.

According to the statistics, menswear, bed linen, mostly used when find.

Particularly for women

The therapeutic advantage of outfit for the beautiful half of humanity, is the material breathable. Ladies-sensitive refers to its appearance. Modern, the manufacturer offers a therapeutic mesh to suit all tastes. Women can pick up quality, sheets of prevention and cure.

Choose compression products presupposes the existence of different colors and textures. Transparent clothing advanced closet of the modern woman, the dark – hides inflammation of the vein.

Lingerie for moms

Pregnant women are in the group of risk of development of varicose veins within the period of carriage of the child. This is related to the increase in the load on the legs. Therapeutic mesh, it is recommended to start using since the early months of pregnancy. The manufacturers offer anti varicose veins socks and stockings for pregnant women, with great compression.

In the last few months pre-christmas period, it's best to buy socks special for pregnant women. The mesh upper equipped with waist full body, with support to the belly without excess tightening. Produced with linen, breathable fabric: pregnant women do not feel the discomfort. Great variety of products allows you to choose from meshes taking into account the physiological characteristics and personal preferences.

Wearing a mesh compression during pregnancy is necessary, but only by a physician.

How to use correctly?

Mesh compression it is difficult to return, if you do not know some rules:

  1. We use meshes of the morning in the position "lying".
  2. It's not worth stretching too much clothing.
  3. We put mesh on the accordion.
  4. If this stockings or leggings, no half, carefully threading the foot through the bottom opening of the garment. If this is your half-pants, carefully pulled the fabric away.
  5. More right thing, and we have just pulled into the rest area members.
  6. Tights you put, lifting it from the waist above the surface of the bed, staying in the reclined position.

Correctly, the product of mesh compression a lot of hassle not leads, if you follow the instructions for use.

Care with the product. Service life

product care

The preservation of medicinal properties the therapeutic clothing will depend on the correction care:

  • Mesh compression is subject to daily washing manually. In things that shouldn't get dust and dirty particles previous and socks.
  • Erasable product at the temperature of 30 to 40 degrees.
  • Post normal clothes can't be used. The best option would be bars of soap.
  • Therapeutic mesh should not be bleaching, printing press, drying hot air.
  • AtStirenee lingerie we have on Terry towel without warning centrifugation.
  • The location of the silicone gum is not erased, to avoid the loss of their locks of properties. You can simply walk to a disk with alcohol.

Life therapeutic of knitted fabrics depends on the quality of the product and the proper maintenance. Manufacturers of compression garment claim that it can last from 6 months of age and above. But is that true?


Although mesh compression is considered safe for health, against-indications. The clothing is not recommended the patient if the following readings:

  1. The disease, leading to a narrowing of the blood vessels: atherosclerosis, aortoarteritis, disease.
  2. In the last phase.
  3. Damages the skin: allergies, injuries, pressure ulcers, inflammation.
  4. The predisposition to muscle atrophy (genetic).

Proven to be one of the following diseases, therapeutic bed is cancelled.

You can use for prevention?

Therapeutic mesh in prevention purposes – a thing irreplaceable. But an amateur involved is not worth it. At the first sign of varicose veins, the disease, you should visit a specialist. The doctor will prescribe the treatment to correctly choose the fabric. When properly selected, the size and the classroom of compression can be, at best, not get the result of the alleged prevention. Worse, instead of prevention of waste time and aggravate the manifestation of the disease.