Varicose veins

Varicose veins of the lower limbs - the more strong and irreversible extension and stretching of the vein, resulting from a resistant to changes of their walls, as well as the failure of the valve device due to a genetic defect.

The predisposition of women explains cyclical increase stretch the walls of the veins, the valves become loose during the increases of the concentration of the hormone progesterone.

as it seems varicose veins


The main factors for the occurrence of varicose veins – weakness inherited from the vascular wall.

In addition, it is of great importance in the pathogenesis of has the style of a person's life:

  • long time of work, standing or sitting;
  • the lack of regular physical activities;
  • the weight lifting;
  • the reception èstrogensoderžaŝimi drugs.

The risk of occurrence of varicose veins, disease of the veins of the lower limbs increases with age. But the receive more patients with less than 30 years.

The manifestations of varicose veins

It is more common when patients with varicose veins are unattractive feeling of heaviness, flatulence, heat, itching skin, the "concern" in the feet and uncomfortable, throbbing pain in the calf muscles. A characteristic of these features is their occurrence after long periods of standing. Typically, the unpleasant sensations fully pass or its intensity significantly decreases with the foot, in supine position, after a night's rest, or when you use medical compression products.

Important symptom of the disease are pain in the calf muscles, which usually occur during the night.

Subcutaneous dilated veins in the form of complicated blue conglomerates of the leg and thigh. Unfortunately, there is a perception that varicose veins are a manifestation of varicose veins. But, it is worth mentioning, is not an absolute characteristic of the disease and, in many respects purely cosmetology problem. Such signals may be in the skin when varicose veins, but the greater part are found in healthy people.

To the extent that the development of varices, develop disorders nutritional of the skin of the leg. Initially, occur areas with excessive staining, a little later subcutaneous fiber and leather are compressed, the latter acquires the characteristic of "varnished". In the centre, painted area of the skin in response to injury is minimal, there is a small white plot. This is called white atrophy of the skin, after which if you open trophic ulcer.

Violation of feeding the skin is a symptom of chronic venous insufficiency, which are also symmetric and swelling in the legs.


diagnosis varicose veins

The ultra-sonography of the veins (color duplex scan; triplex scan) - "gold standard" in the diagnosis of varicose veins, disease of the veins of the lower limbs. Technician of ultrasound should explore the vessels of the feet of both sides. It evaluates its diameter, compressibility, characteristics of blood flow and the amount of reflux (the return of the bloodstream). Evaluation of the functioning of the valves of the veins is done not only in the position of the patient lying down, but standing.

X-ray contrast venography was regarded as the main method of diagnosis instrumental varicose veins, the disease, however, currently they have gotten away from in the past.

Treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs, the same symptoms can be signs of different diseases, the disease can escape not from a textbook. Do not try to cure yourself — talk to your doctor.

Modern treatment of varicose veins includes surgical intervention, sclerotherapy, compression treatment and application of various medicines.


The surgical treatment is the only method that allows you to authentically improve the quality of life, reduce the risk of complications and the recurrence rate of the disease. It consists in the removal of varicose veins and the resolution factors pathological. There are 2 types of interventions:

  • The heat treatment of obliteration - minimally invasive (without cuts) treatment method, which consists in the connection of vienna, from the inside to the outside with the help of a laser or radio frequency sensor.
  • The traditional surgical intervention involves the excision of the varicose veins extended hypodermic veins. Currently, the technique of similar interventions sufficiently tested and allows to obtain a good functional and aesthetic results.

Separately considered sclerotherapy as a method of surgical treatment. She is very thorough, and in some cases (the initial stages of varicose veins) replaces the surgery. The procedure consists in the introduction of special drug into the varicose veins extended from vienna, which glue to the inside.

Compression treatment of varicose veins disease

Compression therapy is a necessary component of any form of treatment varicose veins and the most effective method for its prevention.

For the execution of compression treatment more often use the bands, which depending on the degree of elongation divided into 3 classes:

  • short stretch bandage no more than 70% of the original size),
  • the average (range of increase the original length when the tension within 70-140 %),
  • long (140 % and above) extensibility.

The classes necessarily point to the packaging of bandages, and they are the feature for the correct choice of the product.

Bandages long stretch it is advised to use in the next perioperative period, with the goal of stopping the blood and reliable for fixation of dressings. To ensure the best therapy for compression mode is more suitable bandages of short and medium stretch.

elastic bandage for varicose veins

When you use the elastic bandage to the feet must comply with the following rules:

  • The clamp impose, the pre-maximum stretching the foot "in itself", so that the warning education folds in the region of the ankle, which can damage the skin throughout the movement.
  • Healing always starts from joints of the toes, and capture the heel.
  • The pressure bandage should smoothly decrease from the ankle to the hip.
  • Roller bandage overreacting to outside, when it is close to the skin of the integument.
  • Modeling of the profile of the member is achieved by placing foam or latex earplugs.

The majority of patients with varicose veins should enjoy the elastic belt throughout the day, by laying it in the morning before you get out of bed and filming the evening before a peaceful night's sleep. For the treatment of trophic ulcers can be applied to multi-layered compression bandages, not seen in the long term, directly attacked the stage from the skin of the leg contact bandages soaked in medicinal substances. Further for performing the compression dressings are held through the tracks, which is especially needed when you use the bandage to the hip.

Despite the high compression efficiency of treatment elásticou bandages has obvious flaws – the infliction of physical and aesthetic disorders, in addition, the elderly is very difficult to auto-connect, in accordance with all regulations.

Mesh compression

Popularity acquire special compression mesh. He is represented in the form of the golf course, the half up in the lower, middle and upper thirds of the thigh, and also socks (including socks special for pregnant women) four compression classes.

Such mesh is made of cotton, natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Products made of natural fibers great for sensitive and affected (varicose veins, eczema, dermatitis, trophic violation of the skin). In respect of synthetic fibres, of its advantages – the small diameter and a variety of colors, which allow you to produce a doctor meshes with high properties aesthetic.

Medical therapy varicose veins

The main goals of pharmacological treatment are the elimination of subjective symptoms of venous insufficiency, as well as prevention and reduction of manifestations of side effects after surgical interventions.

The main drugs for the treatment of varicose veins serve veno-active drugs. Your should be taken only under the supervision of your doctor. According to the research the safety of the use of such medicines proved only with short courses of therapy. In the case of applications in the longer deadlines, you may receive a mild, but unpleasant side effects, such as, for example, gastrointestinal disorders.

Among the most commonly prescribed medicines are medicines with the substance diosmin. Usually, a week after the start of your receipt, you receive the positive trend: spend the night, cramps, pain, sense of weight, reduce the swelling. It is believed that the minimum duration of the course should be at least 2 months. When forms severe varicose veins take the medicine can be extended to six months, and more.

ointments and gels against varicose veins

Ointments and gels

Easy to apply and barateza on ointments and gels have become very popular among patients and doctors. A serious lack of uncontrolled local use of drugs serves as a high frequency of complications of the skin in the form of peeling, dermatitis, and eczema, caused by the increase of the sensitivity with prolonged use of the same tool.

So, it is extremely do not recommend the use of medications or substances local action (ointment, gel, cream) as prevention, and in the absence of symptoms of chronic disease of the vein.

Based cleaning heparin one of the most popular medicines. Apply 3 to 4 times per day. At the beginning of use it is possible irritation of the skin and the appearance of the bark in the places of application of the drug.

The additional therapy

They are widely distributed in physiotherapy methods of treatment. To deal with these symptoms of varicose veins of the lower limbs, such as pain and cramps in the calf muscles, you can use the method of electrical stimulation of the muscles of the leg. Other methods of physical therapy have no evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment of this disease.

Prevention varicose veins

Rational organization of work and leisure, is required in all patients of varicose veins. In this category of patients is not recommended the work related to the duration of their stay in position standing or sitting, lifting weight, the impact of high temperature. At work and at home, they need a periodic holiday with raised at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees feet (during sleep it is recommended to raise the foot end of the bed above the level of the heart), the diets that eliminate the consumption of acute and salty foods, but also alcohol. Should be strictly control the body weight, as obesity leads to disease progression.

Under conditions of elastic compression of animals and the occupation of mobile sports (skiing, cycling), however, the ideal conditions for venous thrombosis output of resources and the training of the muscles of the lower limbs are provided swimming.