Varicose veins in the legs — symptoms, depending on the species, the principles of the modern treatment of

Disease "with" global reach", which is diagnosed in more than half of the inhabitants of the earth are varicose veins of the lower extremities.

The disease is caused by clear weaknesses in the system, the outflow of the venous blood in the region of the toe, or bang, and the vascular obstructed, results in the development of the degradation processes in the walls of the venous. This process contributes to the inconsistency of the valve from the system and the connective tissue with weakness of blood.

the causes of varicose veins

What is the "root of evil"?

It is huge, an extensive system of reservoirs, including both superficial and deep vessels, veins, provide blood to a man's heart. Connect them together with a sort of warning system that provides timely, resetting the blood.

The base load in order to ensure that the movement falls into the venous vessels, which are in-depth, because of to their dimension and strength. And it's only a small amount of cargo to take to the surface of the vessel.

The heart is a kind of pump 'to push away' the blood of the bed vessel. Under certain conditions of loading. (walking of a person on top of the desk, and a t. d. to the centre, so as to push through the veins, it overcomes the gravitational force (gravity). When the muscle tissue of the feet, relaxed (weak onttrenirovannosttand, or at home under the weight of gravity, the blood, it rapidly goes down to his feet.

The presence of the walls of the veins, and special grants, promotes the development of the valve function and the inhibition of the feedback of the circulation of the blood. The value of the valve is too large, it performs the role of the disc and any damage leads to a disruption in the flow of blood and increasing the flow of blood, and you're resetting to the bottom.

This could lead to the stagnation of the blood in the veins, extent of inflammation, swelling, and bulging, of the invalidity of the valve, the system will not be able to stop the rise of the city. The result – a violation of blood circulation in the legs and varicose veins with venous extension.

The causes of varicose veins

The disease has two forms – a primary and a secondary. The concept of primary varicose veins in extension of the leg is driven by the pathologies of the venous wall

  • the decline of the tone;
  • the loss of elasticity;
  • the increased intravenous pressure
  • polar advanced training in their vessels.

The development of these pathologies, not the least in the play?

  • the genetic predisposition;
  • old age;
  • the excess weight on the injury;
  • the great burden of the work in vienna on his feet.

Lead the development of the disease can be sudden load on the feet, and the surge, pregnancy, and childbirth. As A consequence of these factors, in the majority of cases, to make an increase of the intravenous pressure to the extremities, and damage to the valve from the machine.

The reason for minor so – picttромбофлебandtandчеwithкого of varicose veins of the expansion is due to the pathological process on its own vascular system, the feet in the form of:

  • stroke is transferred to the phase of the primary disease;
  • vascular defects dandwithплазandй, and the leak in the arteries and the veins;
  • the syndrome, Parks-Weber;
  • tumors and lesions;
  • the immune and Naraindокрandнных violations.
varicose veins of the legs

An additional factor to the development of varicose veins, women may serve as the oral contraceptives that cause hormonal imbalance. The direct dependency has not yet been confirmed, but, due to their intake can be to develop complex processes to the already existing pathology, due to the varicose veins of the members.

The signs of varicose veins in the leg are non-specific and are in short supply. Very pronounced when the varicose veins, pain syndrome in the legs of the load accompanied by the recording of the areas to be affected by it.

- It is normal, and the fatigue of the feet, swelling on the inside of the stop zone, and the ankles. You will receive the pain that is caused lament to nature, comes up in the course of the vessels in veins.

A common early symptom of the disease is the fact that it's a pain, and the swelling is more pronounced at night and in the morning of the move. The visible changes in the veins at the onset of the disease does not occur. The patient may experience only a very great exhaustion.

Is the progress of the disease is slow, you may develop over a number of years. In the absence of early treatment, it can manifest itself in chronic venous insufficiency.

7, the main symptoms of varicose veins legs

The main symptoms of varicose veins in the leg are characterized by:

1. Changes in the external vessel. In a modified form, and in the setting of deep and hypodermic blood vessels and brighter than the symptom of varicose veins. Notes IUшковanddNoah, or even so much as a focal thickening of the vessels, with a nodular formations.

They will become a purple or cyanotic color. Previously, they are not noticeable in the blood vessels, prostupayt on the surface of the vascular network the superficial. Often, these changes manifest themselves in the legs and in the inner area of the foot.

2. Armbar's syndrome. The Normal expression of the muscle – the calves. With the onset of the disease, they become more and more strong, and accompanied with muscular cramps of the lower leg, reducing pain in the supine position, and the renewal, or when moving to a standing position.

Painful to palpation in the absence of changes visible testimony to the fact that the pathological changes in deep-lying vessels.

3. The Edema. With the onset of swelling of the feet during the process of varicose veins, a trait of semiology. It manifests itself in the location, in the lower third of the leg and foot. In this case, the projection of the lesion occurs, itching of the skin.

During the night of sleep, and the swelling does not reduce, it is a warning sign, indicating the final stage in the progression of the disease (stage of decompensation). In such a case, you must remove the accession from the of infection and don't miss out of the development of tрофandчеwithкandх ulcers.

4. The itching on the skin, which manifests itself prior to the development of the attributes of the prominent varicose veins, when there have been expressed in the pathologies of venous thrombosis December.

5. ГandперпandгIUнtацandей, is in the midst of the bright of the clinical signs. The skin in the area of the damaged vein, in their turn, and on the side, in an injury or damage, which may be accessed andнdурацandand (label), becoming a dark and edematous, there is a thinning of the surface epithelium, and atrophy in the subcutaneous structure.

6. Hyperemia – the sense of constant freezing of the extremities, fingers, toes, and feet.

the symptoms of varicose veins

7. The development of an open tрофandчеwithкandх pests – this is a complicated option for varicose veins, and / or as a consequence of changes in areas of the skin in the final stages of the disease.

People are different, and the disease is different according to individual differences in the location of the vessels in veins (superficial or deep).

For this reason, one of the most dangerous "dip-stone" of the varicose veins, it is their subtle coronary artery disease, for which can manifest itself immediately to the implementation stage.

What kind of a doctor should also be on the lookout for?

With the onset of even the early signs of the disease, you should immediately contact your health care provider. In fact, in the initial stage of the development of the disease it may even stop the medication. The treatment of varicose veins in the legs are involved, a specialist in veins.

If you, as an expert in the clinic, the patient can solve the problem by giving the proper treatment to the doctor-a specialist in vascular surgery.

The treatment of varicose veins in the legs

The treatment of varicose veins of the legs, is constructed in accordance with the degree of damage to the blood vessels.

  1. The first phase is due to the manifestation of the syndrome, the fatigue of the foot, accompanied by swelling.
  2. The second phase is related to a condition with a constant otekamu, the pigmentation of the skin, with the seal of the hypodermic of the structure (fiber) and the development of the lesions of eczema.
  3. The third stage is characterized ulcerative defect tрофandчеwithкого the roots.

Of course, whether it's easier to not have to wait until the third degree of the disease. In the initial stages to stop the process, you can even medication, to extend it to the efficiency and effectiveness of the animal facilities.

There are a number of tools for the treatment of varicose veins in the legs during the early stages of the disease. This includes chemotherapy, or a variety of therapies, minimally-invasive technology.

First of all, it's knit compression hosiery, tights, socks, and elastic бandнtованandе. When withdавлandванandand of certain groups of muscles, including the improvement of blood flow and the reduction of the process of the coagulation of the blood. This technique eliminates the expansion of blood vessels and the development of thrombosis.

Today, the ideal IUdandкаIUнtasnych funds, varicose veins, and that it would have an influence on all of the links in the PAtogenetandчеwithкого the process of the development of the disease does not. In the majority of cases, they utilize a variety of therapies. To partially stop the process of development is in the early stages of therapy, and conservative as possible, but it is already available components in the education of medicines, it is not possible to remove it.

The operational intervention

During the execution of the process of varicose veins in the legs, then the operation can be avoided. Modern techniques are minimally invasive, and is dramatically different from the age-old techniques. They are different to the small tRaumatandчноwithtd, and the lack of expression of pain in her head. That is to say:

  • minimally, the technical flebectomia, it slows down the medical condition of the back.
  • the multiple modifications of crossectomy to be chosen, taking into account the current disease;
  • the technique, sclerosing, based on the solution of the blood flow to the a method of aggregation of veins in the wall.
  • the closure of veins, the gaps in the laser coagulation;
  • the treatment of varicose veins, the large vessels in the method of existing rf (radio frequency);
  • and it's a technique, cholangitis, and flebectomia.
the treatment of varicose veins

The method of treatment is chosen taking into account the clinical picture. For this reason, it is very important to seek medical attention at the time. You should not expect the performance of the different techniques of the treatment in the home.

They are able to only alleviate the symptoms but a completely cured, they are not able to. The most effective of these tools, employees in addition to a pharmacological treatment comprises:

  • compresses, tinctures, and the most exciting break of the fruit of the nuclei, pearl, shell, leaves, and the inflorescence is well-known for its healing properties, the brown;
  • pads and rubbing on the affected veins and apple cider vinegar;
  • lotions, and all of the dyes prostоквашand with wormwood;
  • anklets baths and lotions of blue clay;
  • the consumption of the juice of the grape, or the wine-grape varieties.

And, of course, you are not going to do any harm to anyone, approved, and selected medical exercise therapy for a year.

Prevention of varicose veins

As the preventive measures that should be implemented:

  • the leak in the leg with a gradual decrease of the temperature, for the improvement of the circulation of the blood;
  • anklets of the bath, thereby allowing a sm with a towel and apply the cream for the treatment;
  • massage;
  • while on vacation to keep your feet in a lofty position.

Recommendation: give up visiting the hot rooms, steam and sauna rooms, and baths, to remove the physical load from their feet. Balancing a healthy diet, and quitting smoking and consumption of alcohol. Remove the excess weight and to choose comfortable walking shoes.