Reticular varicose veins are: the development, the symptoms, how to treat it, to prevent it from worsening

They say that the reticular varicose veins you may be referred to as a real illness, it's a stretch. And here, this is a bug or a varicose (informal terminology), it does not present a danger to the life, but they also create problems for girls and young women who suffer from it is so-called to even the doctors involved in the treatment of varicose veins of the expansion of the vessels of the venous system. As for the men, and they formed a small group of patients with reticular varicose veins, in addition to this, the "similar to gibson" the representatives "a strong half of humanity, are not looking for aesthetics, you may not realize it, or, perceiving, did not emphasize it to their attention.

It should be noted that, in the west, a terminology that is, indeed, "there is no disease, simply," if at any time during the period of the life by the skin of the feet (usually the female) will begin to be seen in a vascular loop, and they talk about the reticular veins.

reticular varicose veins

The only aesthetic fault?

Thus, the condition that is, or isn't it? You will need to treat it, and what are the methods of treatment of reticular varicose veins requires?

In the opinion of the experts diverged: some of them, are in favor of the defeat of the small vessels, the venous system is exclusively the fault does not identify which of their pathological states, therefore, it is not particularly insist on the treatment of reticular varicose veins. Others, however, argue that it also stems from the process of bankruptcy (failure) of the venous valves of the vessel, therefore, is to provide a prevention and a cure for all of the methods available to you.

Not wanting to get involved in the dispute, the professional and taking advantage of, I would like to share it at all health of your blood vessels so far from vienna, and it is unlikely to come out of the gate. And a guarantee that varicose veins, and has created a nice appearance of the skin's complexion in youth, it is not limited only to the surface of life, don't play in blood vessels deep, and it doesn't turn into a real disease to grow into adulthood with all its consequences and complications?

This is the kind of varicose veins is a disease of the vessels or vein is called a loop of wire, (so far from vienna). Reticular varicose veins is no different, as strong signs of the disease, as well as other kinds of varicose veins. Generally, it is a "feature" twice as small, the shaft and the interlocking threads of vessels, the variety of shades of colors (green, purple, blue). A preferred choice of the location of the reticular type of disease of the skin of the lower limbs.

From zero up to a grade of failure

More often than not, that the reticular varicose veins of the legs, so that the people are, perhaps, the lack of which has yet to be announced, due to the low level. After that, it is possible for the progression of the varicose veins and to improve the degree of insufficiency of the valve of the device of the blood-vessels, which, in fact, is built on one of the grades of the varices. This rating considers the development of the disease over a long period of time, it determines the progression of the six stages that were virtually symptom-free from the ground up, and is, therefore, divided into many categories:

  • Grade 0 (no phase) in this phase, in addition to the weight of the legs, and other signs of ill-being from the blood vessels of the patients did not notice it;
  • Class 1 (first stage) – it shines through in the reaction of the skin to the curtains in a mesh of small vessels, and there are reticular varicose veins there are other signs of the disease may still be missing;
  • Class 2 (second-stage), so clearly visualized by dilation of the blood vessels (veins);
  • The class 3 (the third stage) is felt as the heaviness in the legs, it suffered a lot from the swelling, the veins to bulge on the surface of the skin;
  • Class 4 (second stage) – the skin on of advanced the veins itches constantly, changing their natural coloration, it becomes a dark brown, and develops the dermatitis of which indicates that the defeat of the deep veins;
  • Class 5 (the fifth stage) – they believe that it is now in the running for the event, since all of the places that itch if you are a healing trophic ulcer;
  • Grade 6 (sixth stage) with the spread of disease, which is not perfectly cured, to deal with, it makes it difficult, if not impossible.

Depending on what changes have taken place with the vessels in vein due to pathological changes, there are forms of varicose disease: a cylindrical, serpentine, or even discussed this issue, with the option of reticular varicose veins, flowing with the defeat of a skin, a vein, a thin gauge. Unfortunately, the majority of the people, who are prone to varicose veins, the disease is indicated in all forms once and for all.

in the stage of varicose veins

Thus, the reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs, is the first stage of the process of the disease under the name of "varicose veins". The disease, there is nothing such as a set of irreversible changes in vessels of veins (elongation, extension, and the circumstances of the wall, which is mainly due to the inadequacy of the venous valves.

The reasons for the development of reticular varices

The reason for a induce the development of insufficiency of the valve apparatus, and, as a result of varicose veins, the disease, the doctors of the concern:

  • The heredity and the innate pathology – weakness of vessel walls (in the presence of pathological changes in the vessels or veins of the family-takes on the pro-the prevention of the disease;
  • Of the female sex (pregnancy, childbirth, intake of oral contraceptive drugs over a long period of time, a period of climate);
  • The activities of professionals, offering them a long-time standing or from a seated position, making it more difficult for the blood to flow in the vessels of the lower limbs;
  • The food-obesity-feet are of the "hard times", the carrying of a load is excessive;
  • - Violation of processes of a metabolism;
  • Other neuro-endocrine pathology;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Severe liver damage (hepatitis, cirrhosis);
  • Allergic reactions are immune to the traps.

In addition to the implications of the pathological alterations of the vessels or veins, you may still be noted on active cigarette smoking and a poor diet – in this category of people, reticular varicose veins of the legs develops, it is far more common that those of you who are looking for a healthy way of life

The signals from the reticular varicose veins

Reticular varicose veins of the lower limbs is no different from plenty of the symptoms. In many cases it is limited to a single symptom of irreversible changes in the color of your skin, covering up because of a "pattern" which manifests itself on the skin, created by interlocking loops of smaller vessels, yes, transient, itching, a stipulated stay out in the cold, or from contact with the allergen.

Among other signs, of cosmetic, varicose veins may also be referred to as:

Patients generally don't care about a list of the symptoms of the change of the small vessels in the venous system, therefore, the complaint of the foot, and with a focus on the signs of discomfort, I suspect a lot of other diseases as well. The presence of vascular veins, the capillaries and extended surface of the blood-vessels of small size, generally, of the patients into account did not charge us, and, by discarding "boring," the doctor, says, "They are in for a long time I've been to, but I never bring them trouble."

the symptoms of varicose veins
  • Heaviness in the legs;
  • The discomfort in the lower crural;
  • The pain and swelling, in the evening;
  • Map-of-injection, and skin of the blood;
  • Seizures (rare, signed).

Ways of eliminating

To treat reticular varicose veins there are many that try in various ways from pharmaceutical drug medicines, tablets, capsules, gels, ointments, creams), which affects the blood vessels of the surface area of the venous system. The most popular included in this plan are considered to be:

  1. Veno tonic, by eliminating the sensation of pain, as well as the warning of seizures and the development of trophic lesions;
  2. Rutoside, with P-vitamin activity, and because of this, the strengthening of the vein wall.

In the meantime, get rid of, the cosmetic of the missing, with the help of some of the drugs to forms that are almost impossible. Fortunately, at present, the treatment of reticular varicose veins in a minimally-invasive methods, it does not represent any difficulty, and it is widely used in our country.

Remove all of the boring, far from vienna and can be sent to:

  • Micro-phlebectomy procedure is painless to be carried out by the application of a local anaesthetic and does not require rehabilitation, the use of compression of knitted or crocheted fabrics), even though the means is stretched over the surface of the vessel is affected, and then its removal, that seems to be a little bit daunting;
  • Primary sclerosing therapy, which provides for the introduction of a one pot solution for a special (usually in the form of a foam), adhesive to the vascular wall and for the back filling. When you use this method, the rehabilitation period can be extended for up to 10 days, so the patient will have to use to tight the clamp, the tax is on the site of the puncture of the portal vein. It is not well suited for use in the treatment of reticular varicose veins, and that it is merely the symptom, fishnet, made up of small, hair-do, after all, to introduce a medicinal liquid, with the injection needle, even a little, it's not so simple to do;
  • Laser coagulation – the most loved one of the patient a method to get rid of this problem. In this case, the wall of the vessel to glue the power of the laser beam.

In spite of the fact that the first two methods don't leave any traces in the therapeutic of the affected vessels, the therapy laser has been and continues to be the most popular method. All patients, even those not afraid of the fact that in the treatment of reticular varicose veins, the laser by the vein thrombosis (dvt) a vessel may experience a sensation of pain, bruising, and sometimes, after a few days, most likely, it will increase the temperature of the body. NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory drugs are not steroids in the shortest possible time to eliminate these small problems, but now, with the new "cosmetic" defect in place, will no longer be shown. As in the case of other surgical procedures (major and minor) for the compression of the fabric (stockings, tights) put on and in a period of time for rehabilitation after the treatment of reticular varicose veins by laser photocoagulation.

how to get rid of varicose veins

A few words about the prevention and ways to

Rubber stamp "of the disease is easier to prevent than to deal with it, in this case, in the first place, the prevention of cosmetic defects, and then go in for the treatment of folk ways, and the pharmacy, the drug, if you don't avoid it, he still was not able to.

With regard to prevention, with respect to the reticular varicose veins-the first is not only possible, but necessary, especially if the majority of the relatives have already observed, in agreement with the defect. In addition to this, the skin won't missed out the "snake" long, and the extended the hair, you need to:

Become a supporter of proper nutrition, the eradication of the harmful food cravings;

  • You want to forget about alcohol and cigarettes, and the consumption of a strong cup of coffee to strictly regulate;
  • Don't ignore the regular-and wearing-compression of the knitted or crocheted fabrics, of a early in the morning or in the evening (every day) of exercise (there are some special exercises for the prevention of reticular varicose veins – "split", "bike");
  • It is advisable to register yourself at the outdoor swimming pool, and visit it on a regular basis, but to give up hot baths and saunas;
  • To avoid too much physical activity.

Many of the people who medicine-the-box will continue to insist on the treatment of the popular tools from any medical condition, including, to be described. Without a doubt, in the from of ointments, herbal teas, soups and stews made at home,, and t, is not ruled out, however, that it can only be compared to the symptoms of the disease, and to make sure they have a place (such as heaviness in the legs, swelling, cramps), but to completely get rid of cosmetic defect, to bring the vessel to the original (healthy) state, similar to a medicine that is not in the power.

Any of the varicose veins, it does not mean you can once and for all, to abandon the use of the stop only minimally intrusive, but the physical actions, or major surgery (if no other option, no longer exists), and conservative therapy is not intended to be a complete elimination of all the problems. And pharmaceuticals, and popular medications will only be given to "stay calm" in vienna, austria, to create a comfortable environment in order to reduce the manifestations of the disease process.

As a treatment, unlike the media used for the infusions of a fruit, nut, stinging nettle, Kalanchoe. Popular among the the individuals apple cider vinegar that is diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10 and for them, before going to bed, with my legs. Some of the people that are doing it goes sour, and pointed to a relief in the legs, and the disappearance of the pain.

In the meantime, the reader will probably agree that when the reticular varices, diagnosed at a single genre (the intricate design into the skin of the lower limbs), and breathing without any other symptoms, to treat a cosmetic defect, long and hard, unlike the or, the pharmacy is unlikely to want to. The girls, all that matters is the beauty on their own two feet, it is likely they will search out the clinics that offer to get rid of the problems all at once, and the older people are, most likely, it will not be the value of a vascular grid, if more than one of the large vessels, veins when they were still intact and did not cause any discomfort.