Varicose veins of the lower limbs

The vessels by which the blood gets to the heart are called veins. In their work, and they are some of the differences between arteries, carrying the blood from the heart to the organs.

varicose veins of the legs

The loss of elasticity of the vascular wall of the vein, for the extent of his energy to the development of heart failure in the valves, causing them to violate the normal flow of the blood was of a nosological unit in the form of a condition called varicose veins of varicose veins.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities: the symptoms are

1. The changes in the external hypodermic veins.

The most brilliant manifestation of the varicose veins is a change in the shape and contour intradermal and hypodermic vessels of the lower limbs.

Vienna to win both the focal length of the uniform, or the SAC thickened in diameter, a formation peculiar to us, and the balls of your blood vessels. Changed, the vessel will become blue-violet, and blue. Smaller than vienna's, you see the outlines in the form of intradermal veins "veins".

More often than not, that a similar change is exhibited to the vienna stop and the coil. To the extent that, in the course of the process, in a similar framework, as identified in the vessels, veins on thighs.

2. The pain.

The patient point to a date prior to the onset of fatigue, and the weight on his feet. You will get a dull pain arching from the character of the muscle in the calf. Over time, the pain becomes more intense, and with the possible appearance of the spasm of the muscles of the lower leg. Notice that, after the determination of the time on foot, in a horizontal position, as described, and the symptoms for quite some time disappears, that would be it, then, when you have a vertical state, and re-start all over again. The pain is increased by palpation of the calf. In the absence of any changes the surface of the vein, in such a situation, it should be suspected in the presence of varicose veins, changes in the deep veins of the extremities.

3. The swelling in the tissue beneath the skin.

Get the swelling to stop (clear) the distribution is in the lower third of the leg, accompanied by severe itching of the skin in the projection of the end of everything. If, on the night of a paste with the subcutaneous tissue at the level of the ankle the ankle joint is not coming out, then you need to think about the phenomenon of venous insufficiency, were included in the stage of decompensation. In these situations, it should be as to exclude the accession of secondary infection, and the debut of a trophic ulcer.

4. The itching of the skin.

You can get to all the manifestations of a bright clinical symptoms of the varicose veins, but more often than not occurs when the phenomena of so-called violations of the outflow of the venous blood.

5. Of hyper pigmentation.

It occurs when it is deployed the clinical picture of the disease. The skin becomes darker in the course of change, and of the veins, and in places of mechanical damage during the injury. In the future, all of the skin distal end of the member that acquires the color cianótica (indurate). The surface of the epithelium thins, the subcutaneous structure is stunted.

6. The forum of the portions of the members.

By means of the sampling of leather and limbs cold. The patient will also feel that the constant "freezing up" of the members.

7. Trophic ulcer.

Part of clinical trials to consider this feature as a complication of varicose veins. The other part to consider is the appearance of blemishes on the skin, in the form of skin sores that are open in the middle of the changed phase in the last stage of the disease.

The classification of varicose veins

1. At the primary level.

The changes concern, first of all the surface veins. The violation of deep structure of the veins and a change in the conduct of its functions, was originally to be missing.

2. The secondary section.

It develops as a complication of the primary disease of the deep veins, after which the change takes place on the surface of the veins of the lower extremities. This error occurs when there is a defect in the development of the venous system (dysplasia, vascular fistulas, and also as a result of experiencing the previously phlebothrombosis of deep veins. The causes of the formation of blood clots in the veins, was considered to be above that.

In addition to this, there is the division of the varicose disease, the clinical forms.

  1. Varicose veins of the extension to the side (lateral) vein of the thigh and the lower leg.
  2. Reticular varicose veins.
  3. Varicose veins, telangiectasia.
the symptoms of varicose veins

The stages of payment.

The pain is minimal or non-existent. The particular discomfort from the leg to the duties of sitting in an upright position. On the surface, the departments of the skin that are found to have minor varicose veins. Periodically, they appear small, the swelling stops, and ankles. They rushed upon the acceptance of bionic limb angle.

In the stage of subcompensation.

However, when the surface to look for any of the members, the presence of veins with a powerful beam called attention to itself.

The complaints of the patients with the most need, the pain, the legs curving in nature, the increase of the stress. At night, they occur spasms of the muscles of the lower leg, of a sudden, in the midst of the feeling of "chills" (at low doses). Swelling in the lower third of the leg, and the feet are more pronounced, however, after a good night's sleep, it is gone.

In the stage of decompensation.

Clinical conditions exacerbated by local changes to the side from the skin; it has the appearance of a dry, flat surface, there may be loss of hair, hyperpigmentation of the skin, resulting in the sealing of the maturity of the fibers.

Swelling, taking on the character of a permanent, or are raised above it.

Frequent, small injection, intradermal bleeding, make the pigment more intense on account of the loss of the hemosiderin (pigment in the blood). Small cuts and abrasions heal very long time and, gradually, of the ulcerative defect.

The degree of chronic venous insufficiency

0 – the protests have not been disclosed.

I of the swelling, the symptoms will appear when the fatigue of the feet.

II. – the constant swelling, the phenomena of the disorders of pigmentation in the skin, and the seal of the consistency of the tissue beneath the skin, the appearance of eczema.

III – education of the skin, ulcerative defects, trophic of god.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities: a treatment

Conservative treatment

It includes the interactions, and the compression correction.

1. Wearing, compression of woven and knitted fabrics (stockings, tights, socks).

Distinguishing therapy and to prevent compression of the fabric. Clothes the therapy of a target mark out of four classes, where each dot represents a certain level of uniform tightening of the member in inches. hg. St. and it depends on the clinical stage of the disease:

The clothing of the preventive maintenance and the like, it is highly recommended that you use the people who are in a long, physical exercise, and so they remained in a sitting position for the better part of a day's work. For this purpose, use of compression stockings and socks.

Consistent with a tightening of the lower limbs from compression of the garment, contributes to the maintenance of blood flow at the level of the indicators, such as feeding, helping out. The basic principle – to build a framework of support for the maintenance of the tone and decay of the walls of the vessels, thrombosis of the vein type.

Preventive compression of the mesh to tolerate it, and then you take quite a risk in the appearance of varicose veins disease. In the cases where they are already disturbed in the early clinical manifestations of varicose veins, we recommend that you consult a doctor at the health center, center or medical personnel.

When you have already developed the disease, and a therapeutic clothing that reduces the risk of developing thrombosis and embolism, reducing the manifestations of venous insufficiency, as well, to stabilize the patient's condition.

2. Of the drugs.

Currently, it is the ideal to which the product is to be applied to all of the do the job of a link one process to the development of varicose veins, a disease – not at all. It is necessary to have a combination of the two. To a partial suspension of the proceedings in the early stages, with medications, it is possible, however, to return to the development of the already existing nodes when isolated, medical treatment, don't look at each other.

The forms of application of medicines: tablets, solution for injection, ointment.

the treatment of varicose veins

3. Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins.

It is important to understand what the application is, for the most part, focused on the removal of the symptoms of complications, especially thrombophlebitis, and not for the treatment of the underlying disease. The application of these methods at the current stage you should not take on to pharmacotherapy, in the early stages of the development of varicose veins and, more importantly, to the exploitation of the treatment, when deployed clinical picture.

You must consider and we have listed a few of the more proper folk.

Hirudotherapy - treatment-picks up physicians to give the blood. This only applies when you tromboflebitex. A dangerous method is the risk of entering secondary infections, and the development of bleeding from the site. A great alternative can be to make use of the analog – heparin ointment in the early stages of the disease. For the prevention of stroke,, can you apply it to, and in the later stages, to avoid falling in a trophic ulcer.

The apple cider vinegar.

Use it as a scrub, or wrap the foot with a damp cotton cloth in a solution with a damp cloth or piece of gauze.

The liquor of the nut.

Use the cool green-skins of the fruit. Preview them to break in pieces, pour in the vodka, in the amount of 10 grams. (two tablespoons) of nuts in a 100 ml. hey. OnStaivetXia over the course of two weeks in a dark place, and it is applied for about a month now, 3 times a day 30 drops.

The tincture of Kalanchoe.

Finely shredded leaves of Kalanchoe that is filled half-liter bank, up to the middle, and then a full bottle of vodka in a volume of one liter. After 3-4 weeks, obtained from the solution to produce a scrubbing down in the evening to the affected areas.

The patient underwent surgical treatment.

1. The classical operational benefits.

Driving directions:

  • as a graduate and promoted varicose veins on the surface, and with the participation of the big and small hypodermic veins;
  • when, on the defeat of the varicose veins in the communication of the portal vein and the discovery of the valve failure of the deep veins of the thigh and the leg, when you have persistent manifestations of venous insufficiency, or with the onset of the complications of varicose veins (bleeding, thrombo-phlebitis).

The manifestations of venous insufficiency, a minimum of, to the classical surgery is performed with the objective of prevention, we should get to know the patient as well.

The number of transactions, on the basis of the results of the ultrasound survey. In addition to the mechanical removal varicose veins, altered veins, and it is put to the task of normalizing the circulation of the limb, through the elimination of most of the vein thrombosis (dvt) in replacement of the blood from the surface of the blood vessels in the deep. Otherwise, it will need to be repeated in a surgical operation.

the treatment of varicose veins legs

2. The combination of primary sclerosing therapy, with a minimum of manipulation of surgical instruments.

Apply to your varicose veins are superficial veins of the lower limbs to the formation of the vascular nodes: a phase of telangiectasia, to segment the changes in the veins of the lower leg, when the reticular varicose veins, in addition to treatment of other vessels, change after the removal of the vein, with the light of the changes.

The essence of the approach: the removal of the veins and of the circulation of the blood through the closing of the light, which results in the substitution of them in the connective tissue which, when exposed to the chemicals.

3. The isolated phlebosclerosis of treatment.

In the modified vessels through various techniques and approaches via indwelling venous catheters is introduced into the material. Then, the member of the tight, tight, ELAStnical child. After some time, the vessel is "off" and the to circulation problems.

4. Ablation by radio frequency.

When you have this technology and it is happening on the heat "welds" the vessel with the aid of an intravascular probe, radiating rf (radio frequency). Under the action happens in an isolated heating of the walls of the blood vessels and their compression. After the operation, for a little while, still, wearing, compression of woven and knitted fabrics.

5. Endo venous laser treatment.

On the wall of the vessel, acts of the special catheter in the vein, with the emission of a pulse of energy, causing the "sealing" of the lumen of the vessel.

6. Transluminal phlebectomy.

The removal of the vessel changed, with the help of a suction device in terms of tracking, either through a cut in the skin.

You need to be aware of and to know that all of the treatment is a clear testimony to that. Because of it, along with the re-establishment, each of the operative manipulation, and assumes certain risks of the common complications of anesthesia, infection, secondary, and "t". d.) and in particular in connection with a particular transaction.

In this context, a special meaning to adopt for the prevention of varicose veins.

The prevention of varicose veins

prevention of varicose veins
  1. As well as wearing a compression garment.
  2. A great physical activity for anyone is possible, with the emergence of fatigue.
  3. The use of a compression garment.
  4. To keep with the tone of the venous useful for the application of a contrast shower, observing the hygiene of your feet.
  5. The prevention of the common cold, through the normalization of a diet with a high content of the foods that are rich in fibers and green vegetables.
  6. The static loads on the vertical, or sidyachish the situation, it is advised to each and every one and a half hours to produce a single exercise in the standing position to transfer the load of the work falls in half over a 15-to 20-fold. Thus, the start of the course-of-a-kind of the "muscle pump", intensely enhances the blood will come to a halt in the direction of the heart. In these situations, it is useful to several times a day, to take a horizontal position. If you don't get at least a 15-to 20-minute zabrockidIVAtü the legs in a sitting position for the chair. In addition to this, several times, to take a seat.
  7. Less likely to wear high-heeled shoes. Heels should not exceed 5 cm.
  8. The clothes should be free, and do not cramp your movements.
  9. Recommended for it during sleep to give the feet magnified by the placement of the pad or by lifting the edge of the bed.
  10. Perhaps after the sleep, it is not immediately atdрIVAtüXia out of bed and do a few exercises for the legs: in a circular motion, to stop, to follow the cycling motion.
  11. During long trips by plane or bus, you must the warm uptü" feet " periodically in order to stand up, to produce a circular motion and the legs. In these situations, it is necessary to avoid the intake of alcohol and to drink more water. Useful on the road to put on the mesh in the compression stroke.