Causes варикоза is the weakening of valves in the venous vasculature and feet, and the decrease of the tonus of the vascular wall. Described the phenomenon causes part of the blood in the vessels of veins begins to drain down, overloading the vessels and stretch them. Later, the muscle fibers responsible for the direction of the tension of the blood is withered, and the nerve endings,innervation and the tonus of the veins, die. The disease becomes is not curable therapeutic forms of phase.

Varicose veins does not develop spontaneously, without exposure to factors stimulating.

Among the latter relate to:

  • the excess of weight (BMI of 27 kg/m2 and above);
  • long static loads, standing in the same place (the surgeons, the sellers, porters);
  • genetic predisposition and the innate weakness venarum-valvae mechanism;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • chronic alcoholism;
  • hormonal disorders, including those that occur in women during pregnancy;
  • constipation;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Of course, the presence induced by the factor does not guarantee the emergence of symptoms of the disease. However, the probability of such a development is significantly greater.

Swelling not lacus sponte
Note: varicose veins expansion may have a and iatrogenic nature. Changes occur under the action hormonal drugs that are used in the treatment of osteoporosis, as well as in the menopause period. When a signal варикоза in such a situation, must cancel the current scheme of drug therapy and pick up a new one. Otherwise, perform the correction of the state of the veins, it will be very difficult.

How to recognize varicose veins? The first signs!

Timely diagnosis варикоза enables the realization of a successful treatment veins without the use of sophisticated medical techniques. Unfortunately, the first signs of the disease often go unnoticed, and that becomes the cause of very late treatment of the patient.

To avoid this, the doctor must see whether the occurrence of the following symptoms:

  • the gravity in the feet, ascending in the vertical position;
  • pain in the area of the legs;
  • telangiectasia;
  • the local extension of vein, which at this time still have soft texture, easy to dissipate when the pressure.

In a later stage of the disease the patients mark the emergence of fleeting and pain, of increasing after long walks and a long period of stay in the vertical position. Visually on the ankle panel is celebrated pasty, the swelling. In this phase, conservative therapy is still possible, however, it does not stop the process, but only slows it.

Secundae swelling

You should not rely on tools popular treatment and pharmacological therapy for people in whom is present the constant of gravity and pain, cramps in legs, itching in the skin, which is the testimony трофических violations. Vienna in patients significantly enlarged, deformed, tight elastic. To correct the situation here is going to help only operation.

The treatment варикоза popular means of pet in the house

The use of techniques of traditional medicine should be made after consultation with your physician and a qualified evaluation of the performance of the candidate for the drug. Today, herbalists believe the best the following means to the base of the plant:

Apple cider vinegar edema of the feet

With the purpose of eliminating the swelling vinegar, use topically, in the form of compress or baths. The tool contributes to the increase of the tonus of the vascular wall, removing edema, activating blood circulation. With the drug should be handled with care, as the incorrect use can cause chemical burns on the skin.

Pupillam cisere aceto tumor in the crura

For the realization of a bathroom with the use of apple cider vinegar should be pour into a basin of 10 litres of cold water and add 0.5 liter of vinegar. After addition, the resulting solution should be omitted from the foot. The duration of the procedure is 7 minutes, the multiplicity on a daily basis. The cure rate can be 2-3 months or more. The temperature of the water to the holding trays should not be below 20°С.

For the overlay compress of vinegar diluted with cold water in the ratio of 1:4 (vinegar: water). In the resulting solution soak a soft cloth or a gauze, once removed, press on up to the state and impose themselves on the leg. On top of the fabric, place the plastic film and overlaps with the bandage of bandage. Duration of the process does not exceed one hour. Place the compress should be half a day, for 1-2 weeks.

Note: if, during the procedure, there is a strong burning sensation, or discomfort, the treatment should be stopped. Vinegar correctly chosen, the concentration is able to influence negatively on the skin, including cause burns.

Lotions and compresses of clay

For the treatment of варикоза use the blue or the green clay. Before you apply your diluted with water up to the liquid state of the test. Obtained composition is applied on a soft cloth and put in the sick plots. For the convenience of the top of the screen, you can apply protection, but is not mandatory. Support the compress should be over 40 to 80 minutes. Perform the procedure must be a half-day, 2-3 months or more, until you reach a satisfactory result.

The tincture of the flowers of the acacia

Dye easy to do yourself. For this, you should take 8 level tablespoons of dried and crushed flowers of the acacia, put them in a container of sufficient size and pour the 20 ml of vodka. Resulting in a mixture firmly close lid, and in 10 days put in dry затемненное place. For a better extraction of substances, the medicinal liquid is recommended daily shake. Ready-to-dye filter through a layer of cheesecloth and use for rubbing the feet.

Tincturam ex acacia flowers

Use the tincture should be, before going to sleep, pre-wash the feet with cold water. Of the leg and other areas, where there is варикозные extension, with care with the composition and give it to dry. After that, none of the members is recommended to put in the cushion, so that they were in a high position. The duration of the therapy course of 3 months, the multiplicity of processing on a daily basis.

Chestnut-of-india варикоза of the veins in the legs

With the goal of cure варикоза chestnut-of-india use such as alcohol-based tinctures. For this shredded is the fruit mixed with 96% ethyl alcohol in the ratio of 1:3 and insist on two weeks. After you do this, the tool is filtered and used for the mixture of compresses.

Equus castaneis swelling of varicose veins in cruribus

For the overlay compress with tincture of nut it is necessary to wet in the preparation of the piece of soft fabric, carefully press it and apply on the affected area. After that, the fabric covering with polyethylene, and from above, put several layers of wool or thick fabric. Compress keep about 30-40 minutes, after which the feet укутывают in the duvet. To perform the procedure is recommended, before bed, middle of the day. Course of treatment is 1-2 months, but may be extended.

The treatment варикоза tomato

For the treatment of варикоза apply the green tomatoes, which contain substances similar to aspirin. They have anti агрегатным and anti-inflammatory. With the goal of treating the tomato is cut into slices, placing in patient areas and catch a movie food. The duration of the procedure is 8 to 12 hours (a compress with tomato enforce in the night). Treatment – every day before going to sleep, until the external manifestations of the disease (usually not more than 3 months).

Curatio swelling tomatoes

When to see a doctor?

Contact your doctor if varicose veins should occur as soon as possible. How much more enforcement is the disease at this point in time, the less likely it will be the complete healing of the patient. Ideally, if the person will visit a clinic at the time of detection of the first signs of heaviness in the legs, bats and headaches prolonged standing in the local, swelling.

The food, the diet, when varicose veins

When варикозном expansion of the veins diet also plays an important role in the stabilization of the patient's condition and the recovery of the tonus of the vascular.

It is recommended to eat:

  • seafood (mussel, shrimp, squid);
  • fruits rich in vitamin C (kiwi, gooseberry, citrus fruits);
  • products, medicines to thin the blood (garlic, lemon, onion, cherry).

Dietary restrictions correspond to a total saving diet. Should not drink alcohol excessively salty, spicy, sweet and other foods with properties annoying. Also you should not eat large amounts of coffee, tea and other drinks that have diuretic properties.

Prevention measures

The basis of prevention is the rejection of the life style sedentary and static loads on the foot. The recommended daily do a small race, or to pass on foot some kilometres away. At work during the day, you should take a small break, dedicated gymnastics feet. In addition, it should be consumed the products described in the previous section, and, if necessary, use the compression tights. A reasonable degree of compression helps to improve blood circulation in the veins superficial.

Note: to prevent varicose veins will help even to walk to the workplace, if it is located in a distance of 2 to 5 kilometers from the location of your residence. The refusal of the vehicle in favour of walking the whole day will save you money, prevent the development of варикоза, get a portion of good mood before starting the day's work.

Despite the apparent safety, varicose veins is a disease, under certain conditions, a potential threat to a person's life. This applies particularly to the later phases of the development of pathology, in which the vascular wall thins, and the integrity of the very easily disturbed. Therefore, the therapy with the use of tales of revenue should be initiated in the shortest possible time. To avoid errors and the use of techniques incorrect treatment before its commencement, you should consult your doctor.